Evri Shipping Fee Scam {Aug} Must Read And Check More Details!

This article Evri Shipping Fee Scam offers a comprehensive description of the scam and the methods to spot and report the fraud.

Are you aware of the two sides online? If yes, do recognize the distinction between smishing and phishing terms? Confusing, right? We’re here to assist in understanding the terms. These kinds of scams are widely propagated throughout and around the United Kingdom. This is an article in which we’ll be discussing fraud the Evri Shipping fee Scam.

Evri delivery swindle

Evri is a well-known courier company in United Kingdom, and recently they’ve changed their company name to Evri rather than Hermes. Certain people may not have the same names, and scammers also profit from this.

According to internet sources there is a report that a lot of customers have received a text message from an unknown number , asking to pay a shipping cost of 1.45 euros in order to receive their package. If they don’t pay the fee, their parcel would be confiscated. In the email, the fraudsters also included a fake Evri website, where they asked users to input their bank information. Some have fallen into the trap and lost cash.

Evri Shipping Fee Scam

Technical experts have stated that this kind of fraud is known as”smishing.. The Evri delivery service acknowledged this. Scammers have also sent out messages saying that the customer must pay for the fee for redelivery.

If we observe the tricks in this fraud, we can see that the scammers ask for only a small amount. The problem is that they provide an unhooked web page that steals bank details of the user who clicks on the link and they then ask people to enter their banking information to steal their cash unknowingly. According to the cyber authorities the messages from scammers come from the telephone numbers 44(756)8963015 as well as (739) 4194403.

Reporting on the fraud

It is possible that the shipping Fee Scam can be avoided on a larger extent if more people reported it to authorities.

  • It is advised against click any links contained in the fake message, but instead take a photo and send the screenshot directly to Evri delivery tech support department. The user can also forward the screenshot or image to the toll-free number 7726.
  • If you think you accidentally clicked on the link Don’t be afraid to go to your local police station to make a report and notify your bank’s representatives to request that they freeze your bank accounts.

Identifying the fraud

It is believed that the Evri Shipping Fee Scam can be easily identified and falls under the category of smishing. Smishing is a type of scam similar to the phishing scam, in which scammers make use of SMS to steal someone’s information. It’s also known as SMiShing.

We can recognize the smishing activities through the sender’s unknown number, and their slogan to demand your money or bank details. Delivery service providers won’t request any additional charges for delivery.


Evri is an authentic delivery service provider They have acknowledged the smishing. They have partnered with the renowned cyber grievance firm Netcraft. They shield Evri customers from scammers by offering cyber solutions for the company.

The Evri company will attempt to eliminate Evri Shipping Fee Scam. However, consumers must be on guard against texts from scammers. For more information.

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