Ethan Falkowitz Car Accident: Read Accident Details Here!

This Ethan Falkowitz car accident post shares information about the teens and stars of their school tennis team who were involved in the incident.

A fatal accident occurred on the Long Island highway. Has anyone died in the accident that occurred recently? Some teenagers were reportedly involved in an accident that resulted in their deaths. Since the death of teenagers in the United States, and elsewhere, there has been concern about the safety of teens.

Many people lined up outside the courthouse to support the families of the victims. Details about the Ethan Falkowitz car accident are listed below.

What happened to Ethan Falkowitz after his car accident?

The Long Island road, where a tragic accident occurred on May 3, 2023 sends shockwaves around the world. According to sources, two teenagers unexpectedly died in a terrible crash.

Tennis players are grieving their loss because they were among the best prospects for their tennis squad6. The team, school and families were upset to hear about the tragic deaths of two young boys. The collision claimed the lives of Ethan Falkowitz Tennis and Drew Hassenbein.

How did the teens die?

Reports state that a Dodge Ram and an Alfa Romeo collided late Wednesday night. The two victims were both 14 years old. They died after being hit by an intoxicated motorist driving the wrong way.

The collision was so devastating that they were declared dead on the spot. The drunk driver who was driving in the wrong direction on the Long Island motorway also fatally crashed into the Alfa Romeo the teens were driving.

Ethan Falkowitz Obituary

After hearing about the tragic death of the teenagers, many people were shocked. Many people expressed their grief for Roslyn as a whole. Many people said that they had never seen such a large crowd at a courthouse before. The drunk driver who hit them in Jericho recently is still in jail without parole.

How many teenagers have been affected by this accident?

The car accident affected four teenagers. Two of the teens died instantly and two others escaped serious injuries and the accident. Two teenage boys, aged 16 and 17, were injured and transported to a hospital. The boys are in stable health.

According to the incident, a 16 year old boy and a female passenger aged 49 were in a Volvo XC90 when the Dodge Ram hit the Alfa Romeo. The Volvo XC90 passengers received minor injuries. A drunk driver was behind the wheel of the Dodge Ram that was involved in a multi-vehicle accident. He has been arrested and prosecuted.

Is the driver of the car identified?

Amandeep was the Dodge Ram driver. Amandeep Singh faces charges of accomplice motor killing, second degree killing, and first degree murder by vehicle. Stephen Fitzpatrick said that it was probably one of the most tragic incidents he has experienced.

He said that the debris was similar to an automobile breaking into pieces. You could have seen everything if were there.

Quick Wiki of Ethan Falkowitz Tennis:

  • Ethan Falkowitz is his real name
  • Age: 14 years
  • Date of death: May 2, 2023
  • Student
  • Tennis player from school team
  • Grade- 8th
  • Unknown family details


The accident involving the two teenagers Drew Hassenbein, and Ethan Falkowitz shocked the public. Hundreds of people stood in line to show their support for the families affected. The person responsible for the car accident that killed these two teenagers has been arrested.

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