Eritrea Russia Relations {March} Check How Is Their Connections!

The Eritrea Russia Relation has taken on a new dimension due to its increasing geopolitical importance. Learn more.

In light of emerging circumstances, especially in countries such as Norway and the United Kingdom, the Russian – Eriterian relationships have gained more relevance.

The Eritrea Russia Relation has seen some peculiar aspects of global geopolitical change. Recently, President of Eriteria Isaias Afwerki met with the Chinese foreign minister. There were also reports that the Eriterian government attempted to evade Russian sanctions. In the last few years, there have been attempts by Eriteria to reach out to Russia.

Establishment of Diplomatic Relations

As Eriteria is not a major diplomatic power, the Russo–Eriteran relations were never more important. The role of Eritrea Russian Relations wasn’t much for any superpower during the Cold War. It is now relevant because of the increasing number of smaller countries that are establishing relations.

China has done the exact same thing with many countries, and Russia may be considering a similar prospectus for Eriteria. The Russian Envoy to the United Nations was recently a member of the Eriteria delegation and requested that the United Nations lift its Sanctions against Eriteria.

After reports of violations of human rights on Eriteria, the United Nations imposed the anti Eriteria sanctions, as the Russian minister referred to them.

The New Dimension in Eritrea Russia Relationships

After it was claimed that the Eriterian government had attempted to destabilize African Union governments, the Sanctions were imposed against Eriteria in 2009. After Eriteria was accused of harbouring terrorists to destabilize Africa Union, the Sanctions were also imposed in 2011. The Eriterian government attempted to disrupt the summit of Adisababa. Russia is requested to normalize relations between Eriteria, Ethiopia, Somalia and certain African Union members.

Recent developments have shown that Eritrea Russia Relation could end decades of Eriterian isolation on the global stage. Eritarian government also needs help with its economy. Russia can have strategic and economic advantages from two ports located in Eriteria. Eriteria has already established diplomatic and trade relations with the United Arab Emirates.

There have been some concerns in Europe and the US about lifting Sanctions against Eriteria. Foreign policy experts suggest that Sanctions could allow the US to be an additional country for China.


Normalization of Russian Eriterian relations has led to the revival of Eriterian economic and geopolitical landscape. These are the events that Eriteria is awaiting. The US is still focusing on increasing Eritrea-Russia Relations and is working on its prospection. For more information, visit Russia in Talks with Eritrea to Establish a ‘Logistics Center” on the Red Sea Coast

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