Eric Boehlert Bike Accident {April} Get The Complete Details Here!

The following article provides information regarding what happened in the Eric Boehlert Bike accident incident that is making headlines on social media.

Eric Boehlert, the media critic who co-founded Press Run and wrote Media Matters for America and Rolling Stone, died unfortunately at the age of 57. The night before Boehlert was declared dead following a collision between his bicycle and an commuter train.

Eric was a frequent biker cycling back to his home on a Monday night, after his bicycle was hit by the commuter train in Montclair. The accident was fatal when the editor journalist was declared dead following the crash.

The Eric Boehlert Bike Accident caused social media to take to the streets, and the story spread like wildfire throughout Canada in addition to in the United States.

Who was Eric Boehlert?

Eric Boehlert was a media critic author, writer and a progressive journalist born in Montclair, NJ. He was the creator of the Press Rum Website and senior consultant at the Media Matters for America for a period of 10 years. Eric is also well-known for his works devoted to the music industry. He also worked as editor for Rolling Stone.

Eric has also won numerous high-profile awards, including the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers ‘ Deem’s Taylor Award for journalism in music in 2002 is internationally well-known.

About Eric Boehlert’s Bicycle The Train Accident story!

According to sources in the media, Eric Boehlert was returning to his home in Montclair on Monday night. He was on his bicycle when it collided with a daily commuter passenger train operating along the Montclair Boonton Line.

The train and the bike collision resulted in a fatal crash. The accident occurred late in the evening, after that train had left departing from Hoboken at 8:59pm. According to sources, the incident occurred somewhere between Hoboken in the direction of Hackettstown.

The Eric Boehlert Bike Accident Train incident has been reported by his friends and family on Social media sites. The police are confirming that this incident is being investigated, but they have not made any further comments.

What are the People’s Reactions?

After the news began being shared via social media platforms many of the followers and fans of Eric made use of on social media to express their condolences to the person who died. In addition, celebrities, politicians as well as famous personalities from media houses also shared their condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

Hillary Clinton also tweeted on the tweet and stated she was devastated by the Eric Boehlert Bicycle Accident is an awful tragedy. Additionally family members and friends shared tweets and posted their condolences via Facebook and other social platforms.

A spokesperson from NJ Transit said that the incident took place at in the evening of 9.40 midnight on Monday, near the Montclair station.


Eric Boehlert is a media critic and well-known journalist who established The Press Run website. Tragically, he passed away in an accident on Monday night near to his home while returning to his home on his bicycle.

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