Era Of Althea Snap Tier List {Aug} Check Their Feature Here

We have listed some of the most powerful moves and abilities in the game, and you will find them in the Era Of Althea Snap Tier List .

Do you like to play new Roblox games? You should be if you are, as an adventurous Roblox game is growing in popularity in the Philippines and the United States.

Era of Althea is an anime-inspired video game. This game is new to you. We have provided brief information about how to use some of the magic power within the game. We’d love to hear from you through the Era Of Althea Snap Tier Listing.

What’s the Race Tier List for the Era of Althea.

Elf – SS tier Physical Strength : 3Snap control: 10Magic Amount : 10Cleverness : 6 Jakkon – S Tier

Snap Control: 5Magic Amount : 5Cleverness : 5 Noble- 5S Tier:Physical Power: 7Snap control: 7

Magic Amount 7Cleverness 7 Liger – A Tier: Physical Power: 5Snap Control 5Magic Amount 5

Cleverness: 5 A Tier: Physical Strength. 5Snap Control. 5Magic Amount. 5Cleverness.

Xoviacs – B Tier Physical Strength : 5Snap Control : 5Magic Amount : 5Cleverness : 10

These were the Althea Race Tier List. The point is that Xoviacs are the most intelligent and Elf have maximum Magic Amounts and Snap Control.

What’s the Snap Tier List?

Some of the most memorable snaps in this game are Wind, Light and Frost. These lists can be changed and are based on our research. If you feel that the other power is more potent or best for you, you can prioritize it.

Once you get to love it, keep using its amazing properties and snaps to reap the benefits. With 75% rareness, Fire, Water and Dark are very common. Heavenly Body (1%) and Time (0.3%) are both very rare.

Era Of Althea Snap Tier Listing



Wind is multipurpose. Blade Shower is one example. Towering Tornado can be used to create a wall and spit on the enemy group.


Light Blades can be used to damage your opponent with offensive moves. Light Rain and Light Beam are two other right moves in the Era of Althea.



Wildfire, Hell Rain, Fire Blast and Fire Blast are all great snap magic that you can use to set your opponent on fire. Be careful when firing fire projectiles at anyone, as you may miss your target.

More Althea Snap Tier Listing



Players must be careful when executing this magical move. Ice Age and Ice Wall can be used to shock your enemies.


Two popular moves in the game are Striking Dark, and Dark Bombs. However, it can be a little tricky to use them. These can do a lot of damage.

What’s the Era Of Althea?

A game that allows you to explore the world with anime-like abilities. You can have special abilities such as fire, frost and darkness, and you can also use unique weapons and possess many other traits.


The Era and Althea Snap Tier List will help players achieve their goals. Below are a few tiers. You can still visit this link to play Era of Althea. For more information on Roblox Generator, you can visit this link.

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