Energy Support Rebate Scam What Does the Site Scam you?

Find out the facts regarding this scam. scam of the Energy Support Rebate Fraud and make sure you protect yourself from fraudsters.

The incentive to pay for energy is circulating among the residents in Britain. United Kingdom. Many are thrilled to receive relief from paying for energy use. This news made fraudsters profit from the people.

Are you a victim of fraudulent hyperlinks? Have you received fraudulent emails or messages that claim your refund? If yes, be aware of the scam hidden that lies behind the link. Learn more regarding the Energy Support rebate scam.

About Energy support rebate fraud.

The UK government has announced the possibility of a rebate in the amount of PS400 savings on energy bills for households. The announcement was made on the 21st September 2022. The discount is divided into six installments beginning in October 2022 until March 2023.

Scammers profited from the announcement made by the government. Some scams include sending fake emails as well as texting messages customers via the Ofgem website using a hyperlink. The text message demands that the recipients give the information of customers to be eligible for discounts.

However, the Ofgem company declares that they are not involved in this kind of action. They advise consumers to stay clear of the pitfalls of this type of advice.

Reference links relating with energy support rebate scam.

After extensive research we have discovered a few fake links that come from legitimate sources. Check out these links before luring them.


Before you click on any hyperlinks, ensure that the link does not come from the list that was mentioned earlier. The consumer should be aware of one important fact that government agencies never require the information and provide rebates directly to the meter.

Ofgem spokesperson urges people to check their official website ( for reference. The Ofgem launched their website back in the month of September and is due to expire in June 2023. In the year 2003, The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau received more than 1500 complaints from customers about scams like the energy support rebate scam .

What does the site scam you?

It follows the standard for specifics like this:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • City
  • Postcode

After you have filled in the details above You will be requested to update your bank account details in the following way.

  • Card Date
  • Card Expiry Date
  • Card Security Code

They will direct users to the logo that you had previously opted for at right at the top of the page. They stole your money smartly.

Please reach the website for advice and fill complaint at


We’ve shared the information regarding this energy Support Rebate Scam with the guidelines on fraudulent links in the article. Click here to access Somerset Council’s official link for Somerset Council

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