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Are you a lover of travel and want to capture photos? With the advent of front cameras on different mobile devices and phones The trend of snapping selfies and videos was picked up. However, the majority of cameras on the front are not high-quality and have poor video and picture quality while moving.

Let’s look at the ONE-RS-1INCH-360 camera throughout the United States in this edition of the INSTA360 One Rs One-Inch 360 Test.


The ONE-RS-1INCH-360 was designed and developed by the assistance of Leica. It’s the first camera to feature the Dual CMOS 1-inch sensor used to process images digitally to provide HD quality.

The ONE-RS-1INCH is an unattachable lens of one-inch that can be used in conjunction with ONE R Core. It comes with a 21MP HD camera , and allows 306 images and videos.

The ONE-RS-1-INCH 360 provides clear images in dim lighting, and 6-axis stabilization for sharper videos and photos, and an invisibly 3-meter selfie stick that creates the illusion of a drone’s perspective. It is equipped with a long-lasting 1350mAh battery and Edition INSTA360 One Rs One Inch 360 review HTML1shows that it’s waterproof, so it is ideal for outdoor activities.

What is it and how do you make use of it?

  1. Connect an battery’s core to its base of the battery,
  2. Attach the lens of one-inch to the core.
  3. Place the device on the bracket that holds it,
  4. The touch screen activates it gives you the option to record videos and photos,
  5. Attach the selfie stick to take a picture of the view from above.


  • Buy ONE-RS-1-INCH-360 at: https://store.insta360.com/product/one_rs_1_inch_360.
  • Manufacturer and brand:INSTA360
  • Price includes tax and shipping free:
  • Standalone: PS809.99
  • Get Set Kit:PS846.99
  • All-purpose Kit: PS869.99
  • 35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 6.52mm
  • Weight: 239g
  • Edition INTA360 One Rs 1 Inch 360 review evaluates Dimensions(W H x W):53.2x 49.5x 129.3mm
  • Photo Format: .insp, .RAW
  • Photo Modes:HDR, Standard, Interval, Burst, Starlapse, and PureShot
  • Video Format: .insv
  • Max Video Bitrate:120Mbps
  • Video Modes:Timelapse, Standard Video, Loop Recording, and TimeShift
  • Audio Modes:Wind Reduction and Stereo
  • Exposure Value: +-4EV
  • Color Profiles:Vivid, Standard, and LOG
  • White Balance: 2000K-10000K
  • Run Time: 62 minutes
  • Gyroscope: 6-axis
  • Bluetooth: BLE5.0
  • Wi-Fi: 5 GHz, 802.11ac
  • charging as well as USB portType-C
  • Time to charge:90 minutes
  • Operating Temperature: -(4)F to 104F


  • The ONE-RS-1-INCH 360 gives users about 10-meters reach
  • ONE-RS-1-INCH-360 works best in strong sunlight giving vivid colors
  • Edition Insta360 One Rs 1-Inch 360 Review confirmed that ONE-RS-1 can be upgraded
  • One-RS-1-INCH-360 utilizes AI technology to deliver more dynamic and detailed shots
  • One-RS-1-INCH 360 gives a maximum of 6428×3264 (2:1) image resolution of 3040×1520 pixels at 50 frames per second resolution


  • The ONE-RS-1INCH-360 is water-resistant, but it is not waterproof.
  • The image stabilization process works, however the body movements of up and down are still present in videos and images.
  • It is essential to move the selfie stick in a an linear direction to obtain the perfect drone view
  • The ONE-RS-1-INCH 360 camera has a poor-quality image in dark environments, as compared with mirrorless or cinema cameras.
  • The ONE-RS-1-INCH 360 is heavy and not the best choice if one would prefer not to carry a large camera for an aerial view.

Effectiveness and Value are determined within the edition INSTA360 one Rs One Inch 360 Exam :

Based uponon the following factors Based on the following factors, ONE-RS-1INCH-360 is a legitimate camera. INSTA360 is a genuine brand, however Store.insta360.com is not as reliable.


  • Arashi Vision Inc. DBA Insta360 is a well-known brand that was established in 2014 from China manufacturing HD cameras.
  • Store.insta360.com selling the ONE-RS-1 inch-360 product has an average trust score.
  • Store.insta360.com has a bad zero percent Business Rank.
  • Insta360 cameras are available on FB, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube With an impressive 14,408,807 fans.
  • Store.insta360.com scored 87 percent in Malware and 93 percent on Phishing and Profiles of threats.

Information about the item:

  • One-RS-1-INCH-360 can be purchased exclusively from Store.insta360.com.
  • Other Insta360 cameras are accessible through various online shopping sites and social media platforms, however they are not available on the ONE-RS-1 inch-360 camera as specified in the the edition INSTA360 One Rs 1 Inch 360 review.
  • One-RS-1-Inch-360 at Store.insta360.com has a zero Alexa Ranking.
  • One-RS-1-INCH-360 launched in June 2022.
  • The ONE-RS-1INCH-360 seems to be an efficient and reliable product.

Customer Reviews:

3 YouTube reviews and over 30 online reviews have rated the ONE-RS-1-INCH 360 positively. Only five reviews from users rated the ONE-RS-1-INCH-360 4.2/5-stars. Reviews for the product ONE-RS-1-INCH-360 aren’t available on store.insta360.com.

The ONE-RS-1 Inch-360 was recently launched with more reviews and ratings are expected to be released in the next few days.


Store.insta360.com may be authentic due to its bad Alexa business, malware threat, Phishing profile and an average Trust Score. It’s registered in highly-risked country of China from the 21st of November, 2014 until the 21st of November, 2023. Edition Insta360 One Rs 1-Inch 360 Reviews concluding that it is likely to be legitimate. ONE-RS-1 is likely to be genuine since customers have received the delivery Insta360’s brand is genuine due to it being present throughout LA along with three more countries prior to the year of its creation in 2015.

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