Dpd Scam Text 2022 {Aug} Know The Real Facts Here!

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Have you received a text message alerting you to DPD trying to deliver your parcel? Did you receive any information regarding an alleged scam message that is being circulated these days that is related to DPD? Did you know it’s a scam to entice you into a phishing transaction?

These texts were popular throughout the United Kingdom in the United Kingdom since 2021. Many people using mobile phones still receive such texts. Let’s go over the details regarding the DPD Scam text 2022..

What is The DPD fraud:

Two text messages were circulated recently with the appearance the Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) attempts to contact you. The messages are both fraudulent and phishing attempts. DPD owns its website, which is dpd.co.uk. If DPD required making a delivery reservation and it advises users to update their details and delivery times on dpd.co.uk.

One of the texts informed that DPD could not deliver your parcel to your address because nobody was there to receive delivery. The text message further informed the user that they needed to request redelivering their package by accessing https://myplan-view.info/dpd.

A different Dpd Scam 2022 Another Dpd Scam Text 2022message which appears to suggest that it was delivered by DPD claimed that they could not deliver your package due the unpaid cost. The message requested the user to book for redelivering their parcel by accessing https://dpd.redelivery4e7r.com/fee/.

Scammers try to impersonate the official website addresses to deceive people. Both URLs previously mentioned include the words DPD in order to convince users that they’re accessing the website of DPD.

But, these URLs are fake and are attempting for stealing your information, including your credit card information and payment details. Furthermore, the website requires only a small amount for redelivery of your parcel.

The way does Dpd Scam 2022 is it working?

Although the amount you are asked to pay may be modest but it can lead to scammers collecting information about your transactions. This information about your payments could be used by fraudsters to commit money laundering, selling your personal information via the internet or imposing unauthorized charges on your account, etc. It has been widely known that clicking on these websites also causes malware to be installed on the devices of users that steal data.

In a recent debate by National Trading Standards Scams Team experts, Louise Baxter suggests that one of the most effective ways to avoid fraud is to stay away from clicking on these hyperlinks. Dopd scam text 2022 messages that contain dangerous websites are a brand new method of phishing attacks that are also referred to as Smishing.


Be aware of Dpd scam messages Beware of messages from DPD that containas they’re smishing efforts. If you receive a message that suggests DPD wants you to schedule delivery, you can check with DPD customer support by calling them at 0121-275-0500 or by chat on the DPD Android and iOS application, or by sending an Whatsapp message to +44(121)275-0500. You can report phishing attempts by sending an email to dmdheeraj786@gmail.com.

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