Does Microsoft Own EA {January 2022} Check The Real Answer!

Are you interested in knowing the truth about Microsoft’s ownership of Microsoft own EA? Learn more about this post to know the specifics of control and Microsoft.

Did you know about Microsoft’s EA? If not, this is the latest news for you. Microsoft is among the most reputable multinational technology companies which produces electronic consumer products, software and other accessories. The headquarters of the company is located situated in the United States, and its franchises are located situated in Canada, both the Canada, United Kingdom as well as Canada.

Recently, announcement about this Microsoft Activision Blizzard Acquisition has provided the market with a boost. If you’re interested in learning the truth behind this acquisition Let us know is Microsoft own EA or is it simply fake information.

What is EA means?

Electronic Arts is one of the most famous companies created by Trip Hawkins. It produces and distribute entertainment to its people who watch it, like games as well as online content.

online services, consoles, etc. Worldwide, the company boasts over 450 million registered users. In assessing the revenue of the company in 2021, it was reported at $5.6 billion.

The EA headquarters is located within Redwood, California. It is most well-known for its collection of scathingly popular high-quality brands like The Sims, Titanfall, F1, Apex legends, and EA Sports. Additionally EA’s shares, EA increased by 3% over the past day. So, many are now predicting that Microsoft Own EA, or will be targeted by other companies.

Is Electronic Arts Own by Disney?

As we were reading through the EA 2020 report, some reports were made about EA having a stake in Disney. Therefore, after further investigation we discovered that it was false, and Disney is not owned by EA. But, they came together as part of a deal and signed a deal for the Disney Star Wars game. Additionally, Tencent does not own EA. Tencent has already established itself as a major name in the gaming world.

So, who is the owner of EA? A public fund for investment in Saudi Arabia acquired $7.4 million shares of EA. The current CEO of the company is Wilson who was appointed as chairman.

Is Microsoft Own EA?

We have found the right conclusion with our investigation that Microsoft does not control EA. It is true that Microsoft holds shares of EA since it is a publicly traded. EA has a close relationship with Microsoft as it works with Microsoft to create software and to develop innovative games that are available to PC and Xbox gamers. In essence they are two different businesses and each has the legal right to work in the field of gaming. Whatever the fact that both work together to create the most beneficial options for their players at some point.

Do you think you have the answer to Microsoft’s EA? Microsoft own EA? If you’re interested in finding out the most recent updates to EA go here.

The Bottom Line

EA enjoys a prestigious reputation in the gaming industry all over the world. The company has performed extremely well and has radically changed the quality of gaming from the beginning to now. However, EA shares have increased by 3 percent and that’s a sign that it’s an expanding company and anyone could want to invest in it. In terms of control, Wilson is the chairman of EA who manages care of all gaming projects.

However, the story regarding does Microsoft Own EA It’s not the case. Yes, they work together in a couple of gaming initiatives and Microsoft holds a few shares of EA however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Microsoft is the sole owner of EA.

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