DK Oyster Bar Scam {June} Check What Is It About? Must Read Here!

Article DK Oyster Bar Fraud reveals the truth behind the Greek Island Scams and their history of charging customers exorbitant prices.

Do you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Greek islands from your balcony? Do you long to feel the Greek ocean breeze? Mykonos is the ideal place to do that. It is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea that is close to the United Kingdom. These trips can lead to scams sometimes. This news article reveals the DK oyster bar scam.

The oyster bar

DK Oyster, a luxury restaurant on Platis Gialos Beach in Mykonos is located. This region is known for its luxurious hotels and scam culture. Kaylea Moulton and her family from America visited the bar recently. They ordered two mojitos, two crab legs and two mojitos. However, the oyster bar’s bill surprised them.

The bar charged 600 euros total and quoted a bill of 520.80 euro for the meals and 80 euro for the mandatory service fee. They threatened the family when they discovered the fraud. They complained about the mistreatment and bar for scamming.

DK Oyster Bar Mykonos

This oyster bar can be found in the heart Mykonos-Island. Their Mediterranean cuisine won them an award. However, the cost of each meal seems high and a scam. The fraud was exposed by an American tourist.

They forced the tourists to pay the bill and then threatened to blackmail them, saying that they would not be allowed to travel to their home country if they didn’t pay the bill. The court is now investigating the case.

Is this a scam?

Many tourists have been alerted by the DK Oyster Bar scam. Some of those who were previously victims of the scam are now exposing the pricing scheme. Their pricing scheme will not be transparent.

They do not charge sunbed fees and they have confusing pricing structures that add the cost of sunbeds to food without customers knowing. They have been taking customers’ hard-earned cash over a longer period of time. Another tourist fell for the trap, purchasing six plates of calamari at 836 Euros.

Previous scam history

This DK Oyster Bar scam isn’t the first time customers have seen the scamminess of oyster bars online. Similar to this, in May, a tourist from the United States reported to the newspaper “daily mail”, that they were charged 1640 euros for two main meals with salad and bread at the oyster bar.

The workers were able to surround them and scare them when they started to question the pricing. The mother and her son paid the bill, but they also exposed the fraud to the world. Marizanna Kikiri, Moultons’s lawyer, is now taking on this case.


The scam was described in DK Oyster Bar Scand. The luxury bars and hotels of Platis Gialos are well-known. Many have complained that the area is a breeding ground for scams. To prevent this, former tourists created dkoysterscam, a website that warns future tourists. For more new updates.

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