DJ Hookie Accident {July} Check The Full Incident Details Here!

This article provides complete information about DJ Hookie Accident and more details on the journey that led him to his passion for music. Read our article to learn more about his story.

Are you aware of what has transpired to DJ Hookie? Are you aware of the motive to the cause of the death which happened with DJ Hookie? If so, this article is what you are in mind. DJ Hookie is well-known DJ throughout Canada as well as the United States.

In this article we will go over the entire details of DJ Hookie’s Accident and more details about the motive behind the accident. For further updates, visit the blog in the following section.

The reason for the death on DJ Hookie’s part:

DJ Hookie’s actual title was Tom Nash. He was famous in the nation. But you’ve been wondering about the fate of Tom Nash, aka DJ Hookie. At the age of 19 DJ Hookie lost both his hands and legs following being diagnosed with Meningococcal Septicemia. His net worth at the time of his death in 2022 is estimated at $1 million.

It’s been over a decade since he began working as DJ. He’s pretty well-known for his talents in music and is thought to be the main event at his area. For a deeper dive in DJ Hookie His Story The public is aware of him because of his prosthetic hooks as well as his beautiful music. The famous DJ chose to make use of hooks instead his hands after he was diagnosed with meningococcal sepsis.

More information about DJ Hookie

DJ Hookie DJ Hookie, also known under the name Tom Nash, has been very well-known for his extraordinary musical skills. Tom is now DJ and speaker in nightclubs. He was the party of the nation.

After being diagnosed with meningococcal septicemia and losing his legs and arms the man did not give the fight. He reached the pinnacle of his career through dropping beats and spinning hooks records in spite of DJ Hookie’s accident.

Tom Nash, aka DJ Hookie suffered a loss of his arms and legs when he was 19 , in the year 2001. However, Tom never gave up and his life was indeed the form of a happy hue. He finally pursued his passion for music , and achieved the top of his profession. People are drawn to his music.

He has been playing all of the songs he plays with his hooks since losing the four limbs he had in 2001 due to an illness. He is also public speakers. As of now DJ Hookie doesn’t have any other illness that would prevent him from fulfilling his love for music.

Information regarding the DJ Hookie Incident:

At 19 years old, aged, Tom Nash, aka DJ Hookie, lost all his limbs when he was diagnosed with Meningococcal Sepicaemia in 2001. However, this guy did not give up on his love of music and has reached the top stage of his career in music. His family has been supportive in his pursuit of goals and his love of music.


DJ Hookie lost his four limbs due to an illness when he was 19 years old, however he didn’t give up on his love for music. This article provides all the details. To find out the more details regarding DJ Hookie Click on this link.

This article provides information on DJ Hookie Accident and his life story.

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