Disaster City Codes {January 2022} Check The Working And Expired List!

In the article, Disaster City Codes addressed how the game Disaster City was released in 2021. The codes used in the game.

What exactly is a city in ruins? Does this game consist of video or an app-based game? Who is the person who is responsible for the publishing for Disaster City?

Roblox released the game “Disaster City. The name implies that the game is of the category of survival. Video games are played to relax and to have fun playing games with friends. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality make it possible.

If you’re living in America, United States and looking for disaster City codes, you are in the right spot.

What exactly is a disaster city?

Roblox’s city of destruction is a game for video created in collaboration with Fridge Pig Studios. The game came out in the early 2021 timeframe, which is in April 2021. The survival game is popular with players. The players must survive the apocalypse during this sport.

The players can earn badges and many more prizes or rewards. Additionally, players can pick among twenty different characters that they can play with. The catastrophes will include monsters, aliens ghosts, meteors, tornadoes and thunderstorms.

The player has to survive as they explore their city trying to overcome these challenges and collecting the rewards that are thrown its path.

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More Information

If you’re interested in the popularity of this game let us provide facts to readers. Disaster city has received more than 2089667 people play to date, and out of that, more than sixty-four thousand have included this game on their top list of games.

Over 1000 players participated in the game online after the survey was revised. This means that people are enjoying playing the game and they’re coming back and again to play. In every game, a dedicated fan base is crucial. Since in the beginning they aid developers in enhance the game.

codes for Disaster Cities

The most recent working code for the city of disaster Roblox game are as the following:

  • 2.MILLIONVISITS (this is currently the only code that’s valid right currently)

Codes that might be expired or inactive:

  • ROBOTS2021 is used to redeem Cash
  • VOLCANO2021
  • FLOOD2021
  • MOBILE2021
  • KraoESP2021

There are numerous codes to play this game. You can try a few codes from other sources. However, they are replaced by the new codes within a few minutes. Because they also contain expiry date dates.

Sometimes we type in codes, but you wonder why they’re not working? You then concluded that the codes are frauds and aren’t in real. However, the truth is that the Disaster City codes might be expired codes you’re using.

If you’re planning to utilize codes when playing your favorite games, make sure you are up-to-date. We’ve provided a list of codes Roblox could have removed before you play the game, so be sure to ensure that you redeem your code in the near future.


The codes that are expiring or are currently in use are listed below. It is a video game Disaster City is gaining popularity slowly but steadily. The players are enjoying themselves playing the game.

If you want to find out more about the game and codes visit this link and then go to the website.

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