Death Longs Peak A Body was Recovered from Longs Peak

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A Body was Recovered from Longs Peak

A rescue team was able to recover the body of a person at Longs Peak. According to the official report, Keyhole route was closed. Keyhole route was shut down because of the body’s recovery from Longs Peak. The official from Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) added that the closure would be in effect until the recovery is completed. The park officials further stated that further details would be made public when the body is found after the an investigation. The authorities warned climbers not to climb during the snowfall in order to be safe from being involved in the Longs Peak Keyhole Route incident.

About Longs Peak

Longs Peak is a popular mountain located in the Rocky Mountains of North America. It is situated on the western side of the mountain. Longs Peak is the highest mountain in Boulder County and Rocky mountain. The mountain’s name is a reference to Stephen Harriman Long. Longs Peak is visible from Longmont, Colorado and the northern Front Range. It is believed it was Stephen Harriman Long discovered the summit for the first time on the journey across the US. The only fourteener on the mountain this summit has attracted many climbers. Though many of them were successful, some ended up losing their lives.

Death Longs Peak

Many climbers were able to successfully climb Longs Peak. However, some faced death when climbing the mountain. Two recent incidents have highlighted the dangers of trying to climb the mountain. A climber aged 22 suffered a serious injury after falling 100 feet higher. Maya Humeau tried to climb via treacherous routes and ended up with risky consequences. The death of Maya Humeau cast bleak shadow over the entire area. She was among the climbers of the younger generation who died. She posted numerous pictures and videos of her climbing to her Instagram account as she climbed longs high in colorado. Perhaps taking the risky route was her biggest error she made in her life.

However, these aren’t the only two instances in which climbers have died. There are numerous similar events. Because of the snow, climbers were forced to find alternative routes which could be dangerous and challenging. Many climbers walked in sneakers and shorts without using gloves.


Because Longs Peak is the only fourteener on the Rocky Mountain, climbers develop an intense desire to attain the feeling of climbing to the top. Sometimes, climbers have to confront dangerous situations such as the death of Longs Peak. Due to these tragic accidents, many climbers died. For more information go to the website .

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