Daytona Cheer Competition 2021 {January 2022} Check What Is Happened!

Daytona Cheer Competition 2021
Daytona Cheer Competition 2021

In this blog post we discussed Season 2 of the Netflix series Cheers and the events that took place during The Daytona Cheer Competition 2021.

Are you a lover of the award-winning Netflix show Cheer? Did you know that Netflix released the second episode of Cheer? Do you want to know more? If yes, you must read the blog post.

Netflix’s award-winning film Cheer’s second season is out and viewers around the world are thrilled about the show and are eager to know more about what transpired during the Daytona contest. In this article we’ll discuss the Daytona Cheer Competition 2021.

The concept in Cheers Season 2

Season 2 of Cheers is a nine-episode television series which follows Navarro & TVCC on their two-year road to Daytona 2021 as they attempt to be named national champions. Before filming in Season 2, the two teams were competing since the 90s and Navarro having won 14 national titles while TVCC was able to win 11.

The desire of TVCC to win was unstoppable this season in Cheer Daytona Competition 2021. They pulled off some dangerous tricks, and were among the top newcomers on their team as well as their choreographers, and some of the best performers on the team. most notably Dee Joseph & Angel Rice. Who Won The Daytona Cheer Competition 2021?

Navarro was not able to be the winner of the 2021 Daytona contest in 2021. In a bloody battle that included injuries and falls, amazing stunts, and jaw-dropping drops and a flurry of falls, they were defeated by their opponents Trinity Valley Community College.

The viewers might be shocked by the loss of Navarro, considering its history of being known as one of the Top College Cheer Group. The issues of their growing importance, Jerry Harris’ imprisonment COVID-19 as well the departure of some of the team’s top athletes were all documented by Netflix during The second series of this documentary.

Navarro fans around the world surely hoped for a happy end with victory in the Daytona Cheer Competition 2021 however, their competitors, TVCC, were hard at work and pushed to win the contest. They deservedly won the title.

The 2021 Daytona contest for the top spot was a raging battle. TVCC was penalized for a crash during the first round. It was then the turn of Navarro to drop points after a technique was eliminated in the show’s final round.

The results are also obvious. Navarro scored 98.0708 against TVCC’s 98.2292. Navarro was beaten by TVCC by a couple of points, but it is clear it was the TVCC’s determination throughout Season 2 that earned TVCC the winner of the Daytona Cheer Competition 2021.

What happened following the Daytona Competition 2021?

After the conclusion in Season 2 La’Darius as well as Monica Reunited at the end of Season 2. Khris Franklin was appointed co-head coach following her stint as the trainer for TVCC between 2011 and 2017, and also as an assistant coach to Johnson.

Then, Jada Wooten said Navarro goodbye and was is enrolled in Sam Houston State University and Gillian Rupert will continue for another semester. Meanwhile, Cassadee Dulap has decided to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.


Trinity Valley Community College Daytona Competition 2021 and Navarro loss was an upsetting experience for many Cheer supporters. Check out the News site for more information. for more information.

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