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The guide provides information about the digestive problems that result after consumption of daily crumbles harvest.

Are you suffering from digestive issues following taking in Daily Harvest Lentils and Crumbles? A lot of people in Canada and the United States and Canada have complained of stomach-related issues following consumption of Crumbles and French Lentil as well as Leek Crumbles from an online meal delivery service called Daily Harvest.

The company that delivers meals says it will take all necessary steps to end the distribution of products made from lentils. After receiving numerous complaints from consumers or reports about the service, it decided to recall all meals and products made from lentils on Sunday. The company issued a statement on Sunday, encouraging all consumers to throw out the items.

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About the Issues Caused by Daily Harvest Crumbles!

Daily Harvest is a meal delivery service that is in the news lately particularly because some of its customers have complained of stomach issues following consumption of French lentils as well as Leek Crumbles.

After receiving numerous internet posts from people complaining concerning the stomach issues caused by products made from lentils The company released an announcement on recalls on Sunday, which was posted on their official website. On Friday, they issued an email informing consumers to throw out these products containing lentils, and to not use any further.

How did the Company React to Daily Harvest Lentil and Leek Crumble Posts?

The following Sunday Daily Harvest published a recall notice urging people to stay clear of products made from lentils following complaints of stomach issues that are triggered by eating French Lentils as well as Leek Crumbles.

The company responded quickly to the complaints and stated that they were taking the appropriate actions to address them. They also advised customers to not use the remaining leeks and lentil crumbles and to dispose of them promptly.

The company also provides an additional $10 credit per bags of Daily Harvest Lentil and Leek Crumble that is purchased. External and internal investigations are underway to investigate all the suppliers. Daily Harvest also urges the consumers to stop using the lentil-based products and send an email at dmdheeraj786@gmail.com if they have any queries.

What are the Customer’s Reactions?

Following the complaints, a number of Daily Harvest consumers took the social media platform to express their opinions and experiences. One consumer Luke Tashie shared the recall email from the company, and stated that he isn’t convinced the company has responded to the situation in a timely manner.

A plethora of other users have shared the post on various social media platforms as well as the official site on the official website of Daily Harvest. They have shared their experiences with the Daily Crumbles Harvest and other lentil-based products.

It is possible to read the reports on the issues and also check on the company’s Official Twitter page for details and updates on the problem. This will give you an insight into what the company’s response to complaints.


Daily Harvest is a meal delivery service that has over 60 million social media followers. However, the delivery service is in the news because it was contacted by numerous complainants concerning stomach issues that result from eating lentil-based products from the company. The company promptly responded and asked all users to discontinue using the product.

An investigation is in progress to examine the supply chain for daily crumbles Harvest. Do you have lentils purchased of the business? Do you have any experiences to share? the comments section.

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