Daejhanae Jackson Ig: What Was the Latest Incident Involving Daejhanae Ig?

This news article on Daejhanae Jackson IG tells the shocking story of a businesswoman who suffered an attack while celebrating with friends.

What was Daejhanae Jackson doing? Is it possible that the name is being circulated on social media? Is Shanquella really her? Shanquella Robinson left for Mexico, Cabo with her friends on 28 October 2022. Twenty-four hours later, the entrepreneur was found dead.

People All Over feel sorry for the woman and are shocked by the viral video clip. Let’s read this news article to find out more about Daejhanae Jackson IG and the incident.

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What was the latest incident involving Daejhanae Ig?

After word of Robinson’s death spread, footage shows one of her companions, Daejhanae, beating Robinson. Jackson’s photo is also being shared online by many people.

The footage shows Shanquella Robinson being beaten up by a woman. The victim’s companions stayed with her and recorded the brutal assault on camera.

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Robinson’s identity was discovered online and the six friends were reported to have deleted their social media accounts. Although there isn’t much information about Jackson, including her Husband, internet users posted a photo of Jackson’s LinkedIn page on Twitter. It is important to note that authorities have not confirmed the assertions made online that Jackson was the attacker.

What caused Robinson’s death

People online believed that the statements about Robinson’s death were unclear. Internet users believe Shanquella Robinson was killed by a group of friends. The footage shows Jackson striking Robinson just before Robinson died.

Internet users demanded that Robinson’s friends be jailed. Shanquella Robinson’s parents were told that their daughter had been killed by excessive alcohol consumption.


Daejhanae Jackson describes herself on LinkedIn as an “aspiring health professional” who studied at Winston-Salem State University. According to her profile, she is employed at Blue Rhino, North Carolina, Greensboro. On its official website, the company calls itself a “propane swap brand”.

Jackson could still be employed by the company, but that would be questionable considering the negative attention and popularity of Jackson on the internet.

What did Robinson’s parents tell Robinson about their daughter’s death?

Robinson’s friend Khalil told Robinson’s parents Bernard and Salamondra that Robinson had died from alcohol poisoning. Robinson died due to unknown causes. Investigators found out when Robinson’s family informed the FBI about their daughter’s mysterious death. Her Net Worth was also unknown.

Salamondra Robinson, Robinson’s mother, said that her daughter had a fractured spine and a fractured neck when she was interviewed by the FBI. Robinson’s sister Quilla Long expressed doubts about the circle of friends. Still being investigated is the cause of Shanquella’s death.

Quick Wiki

Daejhanae is well-known and popularized after Shanquella Robinson’s death. Her personal information are not revealed. Here are some facts you can find online about her LinkedIn profile.

  • Real Name – Daejhanae Jackson
  • Profession- Aspiring healthcare
  • Age Unknown
  • Education- Winston Salem University
  • Blue Rhino – I am working for you
  • Unknown Birthplace and Nationality
  • Relationship – Unknown
  • Parents- Bernard and Salamondra

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Daejhanae Jackson is a Blue Rhino healthcare professional who was recently reported for her attack on Shanquella and her friend. The video clip showing Jackson attacking Shanquella was shared online by users. You can view the footage of Daejhanae Jack here.

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