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It is reported that the US government has begun giving free test kits for covid-19. Check out our Scam post to find out more about the kits that are free and the ways scammers could entice you.

In 2022, numerous people are affected by the mutated COVID-19 virus when they were at in their homes. The world has been struck by lockdowns as well as sadness and sorrow about the loss of loved ones or witnessing them become suffering from a chronic illness.

The United States government has begun distributing free COVI-19 testing kits to citizens. However, some try to trick people into buying the test kits. We recommend you read the Scam article to find out more.


The US government has set up an online platform where citizens can purchase free COVI-19 kits from their residences. The site was accessible to anyone on 19th January 2022. It’s a fantastic way to help people get the early detection of covid-19 virus, without having to visit the hospital.

More Information:

A new website from the government can be found to download coronavirus test kits that are FDA-approved. In 7-12 days it is expected that you can expect that the US Postal Service will send the test kits to you. You may learn more about COVID tests at Scam, which also includes a link to the US Postal Service’s, where you can buy up to four fast tests to be shipped to your home address.

Do you need to cover the cost of those kits?

The tests are free without cost. There are no shipping costs and there is no credit card details are required. All you need to do is give your address and name. You can also place an order for those who don’t have internet access.

You’ll be provided with a number for confirmation of your order once you’ve made your order through scam. You’ll also get an email with order confirmation as well as shipping updates if give the email address. Anyone who asks for more information is a scammer.

  • Be sure to get COVID test kits for free or free of charge through the government website at
  • Nobody from the government will call, text, or send an email to you asking for your details in order to “assist” you in ordering free kits.

Don’t forget the points above when you purchase free kits for covid-19 from this official website. If you have any questions or require additional information, you can contact officials from the government.

How do I make a report Fraud?

If you come across a fraudster selling COVID test kits notify the FTC immediately by visiting Alternatively, go to, the National Association of Attorneys General website, and make a complaint with your state or territory attorney general.

Your feedback can assist us to examine, pursue police cases and also warn others of scams to look out for in order to protect family members, themselves and their family members.


It’s great to know how the US government aids its citizens in the health crisis that will hit 2022. However, there are scammers taking advantage of the initiative by the government to carry out the Scam.

If you have any issues getting free Covid-19 kits on the website, please refer to the report guidelines and follow the instructions. Do share your comments on our blog.

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