Corky Lee Cause of Death: How Did He Died?

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Do you know what caused Corky Lee’s death? Who is Corky Le? What caused the death? What caused Corky Lee to die? What was Corky’s age at the time of death? You may be curious about Corky’s obituary.

Corky Lee has been gone from this world for almost two years. People, particularly from the United States are still curious about his death. Read the article to learn more about the cause of death for Corky Lee.

Find out about Corky’s death!

Corky Lee was one of the most famous Asian American photographers. He died at 73 on January 27th 2021. Jennifer Takaki was inspired by his photos and passion for photography to make a documentary about Corky Lee. The family of the photographer announced his death in the media. If you want to know more about the cause of death for Corky Lee, please read on.

Reddit user Corky Lee shared the news of his death. The caption of the user’s post read: An iconic Asian-American photographer Corky died at 73 from Covid-19 complications. RIP to a true American hero.

Corky Lee: How Did Die Die?

Karen Zhou, a close friend of Corky Lee’s, revealed that Lee had died from Covid-19. According to different sources, Corky was first diagnosed with Covid-19 on January 3, 2021. Corky Lee was later admitted to hospital on the 7th of January. Lee’s family moved him to the ICU 11th January 2020 as his health became more serious.

Corky Lee’s Obituary & Funeral!

Corky Lee’s friends and family posted his obituary to social media. Corky Lee’s friend revealed that Lee has always wanted to publish his own photography book. The book will contain 100 of Corky Lee’s best photos. Corky Lee’s procession will begin on the 6th of February 2021. His family arranged for the funeral to be held in New York City’s Chinatown.

Learn about Corky’s family!

  • Parents: Lee Yin Chuck, Jung See Lee.
  • Siblings – Fee (older sister), John (younger brother), James (younger brother), and Richard (younger sister).
  • Children- Cynthia Zhou

Corky Lee was married or not?

Corky Lee was married to Margaret Dea. His wife passed away from cancer in 2001. Lee and his wife had a child together.

Ken Chen, a Twitter user, shared a post of mourning after Corky’s death. In the post, he said that he had been saddened by Corky Lee’s passing.

Corky Lee Wiki Details!

Below is a table that contains Corky Lee’s Wikipedia information. Please read it through!

  • Real Name Lee Young Corky.
  • Professional Photographer, Journalist and Activist.
  • Date of Birth: 05/09/1947
  • Birth Place Queens, New York City, U.S.
  • Wife Name Margaret Dea
  • Marital Status Married
  • Zodiac Virgo.
  • Age 73 Years.

Corky Lee: Nationality, Details & More!

  • Nationality- American.
  • Religion- Not Available.
  • Ethnicity- Chinese-American.

Learn about his Career and More!

  • Early life- Corky’s father was in the U.S. Army During World War II. His mother was a seamstress.
  • Career- Corky was a journalist, photographer, community organizer and an Asian American Photographer.
  • High School- Jamaica High School
  • College- Queens College (1956).

More details on Lee’s height & more!

Here we have also shared the complete biography of Corky Lee. Find out more about Corky Lee’s height below.

  • Height- 5Feet 6inches.
  • Weight- 72kg.
  • Death- 27th Jan 2023


After his sudden death, the world mourns the loss of the self-described Asian American photographer. The video about Corky Lee’s sudden death will give more information and clarify his cause of death. Watch the video now!

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