Cook And Becker Afk Arena (Dec) Learn This Art Book Details

The guide explains information about Cook as well as the Becker Afk Arena artwork book , its specifications, along with other details.

Nowadays, you’ll find a variety of hero-based role-playing games on the internet players of this type of game can be overwhelmed by the variety. However it is not every game that can provide the same experience. One game that fans and reviewers have been raving about can be AFK Arena.

AFK Arena is an online game created by a game developer, Lilith Games. This game’s artwork book was published on a well-known platform operated by Cook as well as Becker. The game’s release date was March 9th, 2019.

Cook as well as Becker Afk Arena artbook draws many players from Germany, France and the United States, France in France, and Germany.

What is it? AFK Arena?

AFK Arena is an highly popular fantasy role-playing game on Android as well as iOS devices. The game was designed by the Chinese studio called Lilith Games, and published on the platform of Cook and Becker.

The game is well-known because of its perfect mix of turn-based RPG perfect RPG mechanics, beautiful art and gameplay. The game takes you into an alternate world called Esperia and the world of fantasy combat in real-time.

The AFK Arena Art Book is comprised of two exquisitely made art books on the premium cassette. they are spread across two 560-page books in Asperai History.

Cook and Becker Afk Arena Technical Details

Cook and Becker released the book on art of AFK Arena. It is the first art book to include two exquisitely designed art books available in a luxury cassette. The two books are split into two books that comprise 560 pages of information about the history of Asperia. Other details in the book include:

  • Two hardcover books bound with a round spine in an elegantly designed slipcase
  • The book’s dimensions are 13×8.6 inches, or 33×22 cm
  • Page Total : 560 pages spread between 2 art books
  • Language Support – English
  • Full Color
  • Token card redeemable for in-game items

Here are some technical information of the Cook and Becker’s Afk Arena art book.

Which are the top highlights from the AFK Arena Art Book on Cook and Becker?

Before purchasing the book on art it is essential to understand the most important aspects of the game, as well as the art book that is available through the Cook and Becker portal.

  • The book offers an entire world view and the history of Asperai, which is available on the internet for the very first time.
  • The artwork is beautifully created with high-quality designs.
  • The book contains beautifully written stories about Heroes and the Unions of Heroes of the Heroes Unions of the Heroes
  • The first of their kind characters and never before character art
  • Equipment, skills and other items are included in the book

The Cook and Becker Afk Arena art book is the result of a collaboration between Cook as well as Becker along with Lilith Games. In addition, the book is accessible for delivery all over the world. If you’re looking for the book and want to purchase it, get it today.


Cook and Becker is a trusted platform for getting an original copy of your book. Numerous users have praised it and it’s also active on social media. The art work that is featured in AFK Arena is stunning and is highly acclaimed by a lot of gamers around the world. If you’d like to purchase the Cook and Becker Afk Arena art book, go to the official website for Cook and Becker today.

Have you got the book on art of AFK Arena? If so, then please post your thoughts in the comments section.

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