Comforthofit Reviews {July} Check If It Is Legit Or A Scam Website?

This article Comforthofit reviews contains the information about the site and its more complicated face with proven results as well as social media feedback.

Are you one of the people suffering from severe ankle discomfort? Did your doctor recommend using perfect footwear for your legs? Are you unable to find the ideal pair of shoes? If so, you should check out an online store selling orthotic shoes that are recommended by a doctor. A variety of other products are offered on the site, and is becoming increasingly popular throughout Australia , Canada, the United States. In this post, we’ll review the Comforthofit Review.

The Comforthofit shopping site

This site sells top medically-recommended footwear for those. This can help people find relief from pain caused by conditions such as arthritis, bunions plantar fasciitis and swelling and pain in the ankle and so on. A lot of medical professionals have assured the effectiveness of this product. Because they are collaborating with a renowned physician, Tom L. Bavlsik, Ph.D., MD and their shoes are fitted with the most medically-fit insoles.

The products they offer are.

  • Ladies’ orthopedic shoes( Pain Relief Footwear, Sandals and shoes)
  • Men’s orthopedic shoes ( Shoes )
  • Kids ergonomic pain relief footwear for children
  • Accessories such as Foam Insoles, Knee Sleeves, Compression Socks


Is Comforthofit Legit? It is crucial to determine the truth since today, a lot of malware websites are circulating on the internet. They trick customers with sugar-coated information Therefore, it is mandatory to look over the website

  • Customers can buy at:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number: 099528012
  • address information:they haven’t provided their contact details, but the return address of the product is provided.
  • Social media activities:they have accounts on Instagram and Facebook However, the number of followers is lower than 1000. .
  • Originality of the content:only 6 % of the content is original
  • Payment choices: Mobile money transfer and cards
  • Reviews from customers: reviews from Comforthofit of users are separate sections, however, we could not find the reviews beneath the products.
  • Policy on privacy The company has provided the policy’s details in detail and their privacy policy is handled by Shopify
  • Shipping policies:free world-wide shipping of all purchases. it can take between 8-12 weeks for delivery on a standard basis. Express delivery customers need to pay 4.95dollars, and it takes between 4 and 12 days for United States. times will differ according to Australia or Canada.
  • Refund policy Customers must return the item within 60 days from the date of purchase
  • Policy on refunds:After examination, customers are able to receive refunds, however, discounted items cannot be eligible for refunds.

reviews by Comforthofit are accessible on their official website and on their social media pages However, the reviews differ from each other, which means they require further investigation.

Positive Points

  • Design of the website that is geared towards customers, offering complete information on every product and process.
  • They provide a money back guarantee for their products in all aspects.
  • Worldwide shipping is completely free.

Positive points

  • There are a lot of untrue discounts for the majority of products and customers are not able to get discount products back. That means that even if they return their product, refunds aren’t guaranteed.
  • Customer reviews are not available for products that allow customers to write comments.

Analyzing the validity

Is Comforthofit Legit? To determine if the website is a scam it is necessary to conduct some tests. They can help us determine the legitimacy and authenticity of the website.

  • Domain agethe Comforthofit site was established on the 9th May of 2022. Therefore, the age of the site is not more than three months
  • Expiry of domain:the website will get expired on May 9th, 2023.
  • Name of the registrar:the website was registered under the name go LLC
  • Security of data:HTTPS is one of the indicators used to determine the security of data, and it is found on the website
  • Index of Trust on this site:it has scored only 2 percent
  • Review by customers reviews from Comforthofit are available
  • SEO Score:71
  • Global Alexa position:1220644
  • Content plagiarized:94% of the content copied from other sources. Content that is plagiarized
  • Not enough information:company address, name and information


There are two kinds of reviews from customers on this online store. The e-commerce site has cleverly designed the review section separately. However, there are no reviews found in the sections for products where customers can leave reviews.

Some have criticised the website’s behavior on Facebook since many of the customers did not get their goods. This suggests that the website has fabricated reviews. This makes it appear not to be an authentic site. For more information, check out this fraudulent credit cards article.


Therefore, the review Comforthofit Review gave detailed information on the product. But, this site appears to be fake since they’ve scored just an average of 2% trust and have fabricated some reviewers. They don’t even offer the goods. Even worse, they have 94% of their content plagiarized.

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