Columbus Indigenous Peoples Day 2022 Information About the Indigenous Peoples Day:

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Have you heard about Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Are you aware of the date and time this day will be celebrated in your area? To find out more about Indigenous Peoples Day, visit the Columbus Indigenous Peoples Day 2022 article.

Joe Biden, President of the United States decided recently to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. We ask that you read this article to find out more about this day and when it is happening.

Information about the Indigenous Peoples Day:

To honor the resilience, sovereignty and culture of Native Americans, Indigenous Peoples Day will be observed. Columbus Day 2022 Federal Holiday is celebrated this October. You may be wondering when is it? The native Americans of America will celebrate this day on the 10th of October 2022, which is the second Monday.

Today will be a day to reflect on the tragic stories and tribal roots of American Natives. These stories can be painful, but they strengthen the community. Joe Biden made 10 October a holiday.

History behind Indigenous Peoples Day 2022 Federal Holiday:

The first Indigenous Peoples Day seed was planted in 1977 at an international U.N. conference on discrimination. The day was first recognized by South Dakota in 1989. The day was then recognized by California, Santa Cruz and Berkeley.

The day was known as Columbus Day until 1937. Many native Americans began to call the day Indigenous Peoples Day, to honor the rich culture and tribal roots of American natives.

Why October 2022 Indigenous Peoples Day is so harmful for American Natives

It is a painful day for American Indians, as they will always remember the brutal past. Columbus and other European explorers tortured tribal American Natives for five hundred year. The pain, suffering, broken promises and trauma suffered by tribal American Natives was erased while Columbus Day was celebrated. American natives chose to commemorate the suffering and pain of American tribes by celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day.

When Is Indigenous Peoples Day 2022?

We mentioned that American natives will be celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day on October 10, 2022. It will surprise you to learn that Indigenous Peoples Day is celebrated in more than 130 cities across the United States and 14 states. The day is observed in towns like Provincetown, Northampton and Great Barrington.


People from different parts of the United States decided to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, not Columbus Day. Now you know When is Indigenous Peoples Day. Click here for information on federal holidays in the U.S.

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