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The guide provides details on micro-working sites to inform users of whether is legitimate or a fraud.

Are you looking to earn some income from passive sources other than your job? If you’re looking to make simple online cash You should learn about the site It’s an online website which claims to help people earn money that is flexible and passive.

The website is drawing in people from all over the world and includes those from the Philippines. The site claims to help individuals earn money on the side, apart from regular income. The website assigns tasks of a small size that, after completion of the tasks, the users receive a payment.

The site falls in the category of micro-working sites that allows users to perform micro-jobs to earn small amounts of money. However, you must determine whether is legitimate or a fraud.

What’s is an online micro-working site that was launched to assist individuals earn a little bit of a casual income, in addition to their regular income. Micro-working websites assign small tasks to its users, and after completing the tasks, they can earn small amounts of money. also offers mobile applications that let users complete tasks and earn money while on the move. As it falls within the micro-working category, users are given micro tasks to complete in exchange for micropayments. Specific tasks to be completed include photo-taking, data entry as well as recording voice recordings, and taking surveys.

Is Genuine or a Scam? is an online micro-job site that lets people earn money online. When the phrase “online money” is mentioned, it begins making people think about it in their minds.

Therefore, prior to making use of users from the Philippines would like to be aware of the legitimacy of the site. So, after reviewing the website, we came across the following tips.

  • The domain was established ago on the 13th December of 2006. This means it’s more than 15 years old. The domain is due to expire on the 13th of December 2022.
  • The trust score of the website is 96% and this is an outstanding score.
  • The trust score of the website is 90.7/100.
  • Its Alexa Ranking of the website is 14 532.
  • There are many reviews to choose from and they’re all different types of reviews. This causes confusion, therefore, users are interested in knowing if genuine or a fraud.
  • It is also active in social networks and the option to sign up for an email newsletter is also available.

Based on these assessments this website cannot be considered to be completely authentic. Therefore, more study and analysis is needed prior to using and signing up on the site.

What Do Customers Have Comments?

After looking at the website on the internet and found a variety of reviews. The website has received mixed feedback from users. Many customers have claimed that the website claims flexibility in working hours and quick and efficient pay outs. However, is legitimate or is it a scam?

However there are some users who have claimed they believe is a scam since they don’t pay their users once they’ve completed their assigned tasks. A few users have claimed that the website doesn’t hold the payments without any the reason.

As it has been a subject of mixed reviews, reviews, or feedback we advise the users of our site to review the review reviews and read the site thoroughly before making use of it.

Conclusion is a microworking site which claims to assist users in earning money that is passive and flexible, independent of their regular income. The website assigns various tasks and upon completing these tasks, users earn micropayments.

However, it’s received mixed reviews. Users would like to know Legit This is a fraud. Based on the negative reviews and reviews as well, the site cannot be considered to be legit, as more investigation and analysis is required prior to using the site in order to be safe.

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