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If you’re planning to stay at the Civilian hotel, make sure to look over our Civilian hotel New York Reviews first and stay connected to us.

You are planning to travel to New York? Are you looking to stay at one of the most luxurious Hotels located in New York? If so then you’re in the right spot. Today , we’ll introduce us to one of the top hotel chains within the United States. Many of you have heard about this hotel in the past.

For those who don’t have any information about the hotel must take the time to read the review thoroughly. Today within this Civilian Hotel New York Reviews article, we’ll review everything you need to know concerning the Civilian hotel as well as its reviews.

reviews of Civilian Hotel:

As per Google reviews according to Google reviews, the Civilian hotel is rated 4.1 stars out of five stars. This rating is truly impressive. A lot of people wrote favorable reviews of the hotel. A few days ago many wrote five stars and stated that their stay was enjoyable.

In the past week someone else gave five stars as well and stated on how the place was excellent. A common person was impressed by the gorgeous decor at the property. Continue going through this Civilian Hotel NYC Reviews article to find out more about the hotel.

Last week, another client gave just one rating for The Civilian hotel. As you can observe, there are both positive and negative reviews to be found. A few guests gave the hotel four stars but noted the absence of a mini-fridge and no electric kettle inside the space. The room is not even clean. of cleanliness. A couple of weeks ago, one guest also complained about the absence of numerous items inside the hotel. A different person also posted about a issue. One woman said that she had left earrings that she had left unintentionally and when she reported it was a mistake, the hotel staff rejected it.

A frequent issue within the Civilian Hotel New York Reviews :

After looking through the reviews of all guests we found one typical issue. The majority of visitors to the Civilian hotel complained about this issue. The issue lies in that the space is small. A lot of people have stated that the space was tiny. A few people gave it four stars, but said that even though everything was great however the room was not enough.

A few of them also stated that they would like to see more amenities available in the room. If you look through more reviews, you’ll see the number of both negative and positive reviews. It is your choice as to what you choose to concentrate on.

Other information Civilian Hotel NYC Reviews :

  1. The address for the hotel is the address is: 305 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036, US.
  2. Free Wi-Fi is accessible.
  3. The hotel allows pets.
  4. If you reserve the hotel via the official site, the cost is $198 per night.
  5. It’s a four-star hotel.
  6. The hotel’s location is great.


The Civil War hotel located in New York received mixed feedback. It is now your choice to stay at the hotel. Learn details about the most suitable hotel at in New York. That’s all for the current Civilian Hotel New York reviews article.

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