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This article provides information on the City Council Los Angeles Member case and tells readers about the whole situation. Have you seen the comment made in LA by council members? It’s trending online that 3 members of the LA City Council are being forced to resign in protest.

Read the entire article to learn more about the City Council Los Angeles members.

Why are city council members in trouble

A Los Angeles City Council member recently made a comment that is considered racist. It was also recorded on video. The comments were heard by a large crowd who demand the resignation of the council members.

Later it was found that the United States President Joe Biden had also supported the resignations of those members.

Who are the City Council Los Angeles members?

The elected council members for the LA are:

  • Eric Garcetti – Mayor
  • Mike Feuer- City Attorney
  • Ron Galperin – City Controller
  • Gil Cedillo- Councilmember District 1
  • Paul Krekorian- Councilmember District 2
  • Bob Blumenfield – Councilmember District 3
  • Nithya Rajan- Councilmember District 4
  • Paul Koretz- Councilmember District 5
  • Nury Martinez- District 6 Councilmember

The official website contains the member’s lists of all other members.

Who is included in the racist comment

Los Angeles City Council Members. Gil Cedillo (Nury Martinez), Kevin De Leon (Kevin De Leon) were all involved in the controversy surrounding the racist comment. These individuals are responsible for the comments made in the meeting with other members.

They criticised the black people, using them as slang to refer to the adopted black son of a council member. Gil and Kevin were supportive of the argument.

What steps are taken in the Council members’ absence?

After reading the City Council Los Angeles Members argument and seeing the anger among the people, Nury Martinez decided he would resign. All thought the other two should follow his lead.

Joe Biden believes the comment is also insensitive. Joe Biden believes that proper action should take place against the council members to prevent similar situations in the future. There is no official statement yet regarding the actions taken against the accused.


The City Council Los Angeles Member case information has revealed that members made controversial comments about racism. The other members are also disappointed in the decision and take appropriate action against them.

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