Cissy Houston Dead Who is Cissy Houston?

This post is on Cissy Houston dead along with the story of rumours that have that spread throughout. Find out more about this subject.

Do you want to learn more what you can about Cissy Houston? Are you curious about her passing? If so, pay close attention to this report. The news of the passing of the famous singer has been the subject of debate throughout in the United States.

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Does the death of Cissy Houston true?

As people offered condolences following the passing of Cissy Houston their niece Dionne Warwick made a post on Twitter to announce that Cissy is still alive. Following the social media post of Earnest Pugh about the passing of Cissy the world began flooding social media with messages of condolence and tributes. When Pugh was able to find the Twitter account of Warwick the twit, he decided to delete the post he had originally posted. The internet was abuzz and people inquired did Cissy Houston Really Die? However, the public came to be aware of the truth following the twits of Warwick. When the truth was exposed to her sister Dionne People became aware of the truth.

Who is Cissy Houston?

Emily “Cissy” Houston is an iconic American artist that sings the gospel genre. After making a name for herself as a backup singer for performers such as Roy Hamilton, Elvis Presley as well as Dionne Warwick Houston launched her career on her own. She won her two Grammy Awards. The legendary actress and singer Whitney Houston was the daughter of Cissy. Whitney Houston is the mother of the singers Dionne Warwick as well as Dee Dee Warwick.

Cissy was born in Newark, New Jersey, on September 30 in 1933. The parents of Cissy were Nicholas “Nitch” Drinkard and Delia Mae Drinkard.

Cissy Houston Dead

The false news about deaths of Cissy made people consider the news to be reliable. Kim Burrell, one of the most famous Gospel icons, expressed his thoughts following the posting of Dionne’s blog. Kim opposed the widespread dissemination of fake news about deaths of Cissy. Kim recommended respecting her death while she lived. According to multiple reports, Dionne declared in her blog post that Pugh should not be involved in the lives of other people. After the comment made by Dionne, Earnest Pugh removed the blog post relating to Cissy’s death. Cissy. Dionne dispelled the doubts of fans about the fact that Cissy Houston Deadis not real.

Following the announcement of Dionne fans breathed the relief of a sigh. The majority of fans were confused until the announcement of Dionne clarified the confusion and most believed that the information was true. It’s extremely unfortunate to get a false tweet on social media that proclaimed the death of a deceased person. This has been a common occurrence for the past few months. The spread of fake news regarding someone’s death in the flesh is extremely alarming.


It’s become a common practice for some people to spread a rumor of the death of a famous person. Rumors about Cissy Houston’s death is an example of this that has attracted all the interest. You shouldn’t believe these stories without a second thought. To learn more go to the website for more information.

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