Ciciyos Reviews {Aug} Check It Is Legit Or A Scam Website?

Are you eager to learn the essential information regarding Ciciyos Review? Continue reading this article to discover more.

Have you looked into the truthful critique of Are you curious what the truth is about this website? The Internet plays an important part in the lives of the people across the globe. Additionally, many people use the Internet for good causes, i.e., businesses and entertainment, among others.

In contrast scammers attempt to deceive people by making false claims of benefits and other offers. In this article we will shed some more light regarding Ciciyos Reviews to expose the truth of

More About

Based on our research on the site, it states that it was created to help online shoppers get fashionable designs. Moreover, declared itself to provide exceptionally-improved customer support and affordable, high-quality products.

Additionally, the website stated that they have a reputable supply chain and the most current designs to draw customers in and offer them a perfect place to purchase the clothes they want. It is therefore the perfect time to unveil more threads of the shop online. So, take a look at the next chapter to be informed and up-to-date on

Presenting Important Specifications To Conclude Is Ciciyos Legit?

  • The survey found that the website’s official link is
  • Our research revealed an email address was
  • We could not find any social media icons when we browsed the site.
  • has a very simple refund policy that lasted 14 days.
  • We don’t have any details about the address of
  • The portal has announced that it will complete the refund within 7 days.
  • Once they have received the product After receiving the product, they will complete the exchange.
  • The website claims to have a variety of payment methods that include MasterCard, Credit Card, VISA and more.
  • The shop on the internet sells clothes like tops and dresses, as well as accessories etc.
  • Ciciyos reviews analysis revealed that 20-06-2022 is the official launch date for which means that it’s 1 day and 23 hours old.
  • It can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days for the shipment of the item once you’ve placed your order.
  • The delivery time is between 10 and twenty business days.
  • Our survey revealed the existence of the option to receive newsletters.
  • The absence of a phone number is pointed out in this shop.

Beneficial Detected

  • The newsletter option is available.
  • Our research revealed the postal address.
  • The site has received a variety of feedback.
  • Trustpilot has one review.

Downfalls noted within this Website

  • There are no address details available.
  • Ciciyos Reviewsurvey found that the phone number is not working.
  • The social icons aren’t visible on the site.

Is Ciciyos Fraud?

  • Extension Date for Portal We noticed that would stop working on 20-06-2023.
  • PoliciesThe investigation found that the stated policies were copied from the HTML0 policies.
  • The reality of concessionsThe survey suggested that the discount could deceive purchasers since it has offered discount offers that are not reliable.
  • Trust Rank– 14.7/100 value is obtained by finding your Website’s Trust Rank.
  • address verificationThe analysis found no indications of the address, and therefore we are unable to make reference to this aspect when verifying the authenticity of the site.
  • trust scoreonly a 22% value is found and causing doubts. Do you think Ciciyos Legit?
  • Buyers ReviewsWe discovered that Trustpilot did not have a single negative feedback in the survey. On an additional platform we observed several comments on We also found two Facebook pages with a number of comments.
  • Social Media ConnectionsThe survey revealed that the icons are not available.
  • The Owner’s InfoThere are no connections to the founder’s name on the website are found within
  • Alexa Rank– The website racked up an 916605 Alexa Rank value.
  • Website Establishment Age20-06-2022 is the shop’s registration date. It indicates that it’s one Month and 23 Days old.
  • Buy-in-Bulk OptionWe have found the alternative on

What are customers’ Ciciyos Reviews or Reports?

Trustpilot includes one review that is negative that labels the site as fraudulent due to the use it has duplicate images of products from other websites, thus earning 3.2/5 stars. Additionally, other review platforms have a number of comments that state is a scam which is why it only gets two out of five stars.

Further examination revealed that the website is home to two Facebook pages. Of these, one page is a mix of comments however, the majority of them are negative. On the other Page on Facebook, we found that the site responded to queries from customers in a prompt manner.

Concluding Lines Concluding Lines

The article in Ciciyos Reviews reflected the site and rated it as untrustworthy. It is impossible to judge the portal’s authenticity before the moment it was created.

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