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Did you hear about the tragic plane crash? A Chinese Aircraft was recently involved in a tragic incident on the South China Mountain. On Monday, the plane carried 132 passengers. The plane crashed in China’s Southern regions.

The incident was covered by many media outlets in the United States, and India. According to our research, the terrible accident claimed the lives of 132 people. Wikipedia also has the news. But what happened? Let’s look at the China Crash Plane Wiki.

The Tragic Incident

According to our research, the flight number was “China Boeing 737”. According to the research, the flight took off from Kunming around 0511 GMT. Guangzhou airport was the destination. The flight crashed in the Wuzhou mountains before it reached Guangzhou airport.

According to radar, the flight crashed at approximately 29000 feet at 0620 GMT. According to the latest update, the altitude was close to 3220 feet. Chinese officials dispatched a rescue team to the area following the tragedy. An investigation has been launched to determine the true cause.

China Plane Crashes Video- The Latest Update

Our research has led to the release of several images showing the plane crash. These photos depict the incident. The videos were also shared on social media by many people. According to the official information, the flight carried 132 passengers.

The rescue team has already begun the rescue operation. According to non-official sources, the chances of anyone surviving the accident are significantly lower. The investigation into the accident has been ordered by the Chinese government.

According to the official report, there was no foreign passenger on the flight.

China Crash Plane Wiki – The Aftermath

Both countries have made statements about the incident that shocked many. Chinese authorities expressed deep sorrow at the incident. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Bhai Modi, however, expressed his sorrow at the incident.

The Prime Minister of India prayed for the victims via his personal “twitter”. The Indian Prime Minister expressed support and condolences to the families that were affected by the incident.

Sun Weidong, the Chinese ambassador to India, expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister of India and Indian people for their concern. Many media outlets have also released China Plane Crash Video.

Why the News Is Trending

Our research shows that news is trending because of some reason. “Boeing Max 737” was a company that had plans to enter the commercial sector a few months ago. An accident that resulted in 132 deaths suddenly occurred. The media is flooded with news about the flight incident.


Our research has also revealed that the American Aviation Regulatory Body “FAA” has offered their support to China. According to the FAA, in these turbulent moments, the FAA will provide any assistance for investigation purposes on China Crash Plane Wiki.

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