Captain Tom Scam (February 2022) Check The All Aspects Here!

The guide provides details on the fake blog post that claims to be about Tom Scam as Captain Tom Scam and other essential aspects.

The remarkable fundraising feat by Capt Sir Tom Moore in 2021 was widely documented. He walked 100 laps in his lawn before his 100th birthday to become the most famous figure in that United Kingdom first national lockdown.

At the event that the war veteran facilitated to raise 32 million pounds. The money was then distributed to the frontline NHS personnel. However, fake posts have been circulating on social networks in which they claim Captain Tom Moore and his family will be rewarded with a portion of the proceeds.

There are fake posts being circulated in order to create the Captain Tom Scam. However, this is a bogus scam.

How does the event for Fundraising?

A remarkable fundraising event was planned in 2021 last year, in which Lieutenant Sir Tom Moore was documented when he ran 100 laps in his garden prior to the 100th anniversary of his birthday. The event’s fundraising efforts the veteran of World War I was able to raise more than 32 million pounds, which will be donated to charities who assist people in the front line of the NHS.

The money was raised on the crowdfunding platform Just Giving. The funds will be given straight towards NHS Charities Together, representing over 100 member charities which aid front-line workers as they jobs in the health sector.

However, there are some posts which make it appear fraudulent.

How do I know the captain Tom Scam All About?

After conducting an analysis, we discovered the Captain Tom Moore is a British World War veteran from the United Kingdom who was appointed honorary colonel on his birthday. He organised a fundraising event and raised more than 32 million pounds to support organizations that support the frontline workers. In the end, he completed 100 laps in his garden with his walking frame and raised money.

However, fraudsters are posting fake messages on social media platforms, making the whole thing appear to be a scam. There are screenshots of posts and they also claim to be from the name Captain Tom Scam.

The first screenshot is an Google Search result where Moore’s daughter, Hannah, is displayed as the director of the company Maytrix Group. The second screenshot is an Whatsapp message claiming it is Maytrix Group is the charity organizer, and that the company earned six million dollars from the event.

Do you think the Captain Tom and Fundraising Scam? Fraud?

After an examination, we concluded that Captain Tom coordinated the event and it was definitely not a fraud. He was a veteran of the war who passed away from COVID-19 last year in 2021, following the event. However, scammers claim to be the name of Captain Tom Scam.

Sources claim the money generated from the event’s fundraising was given to the NHS without any time limit. As per Reuters Fact Check, 97 percent of the funds will be donated directly to NHS Charities Together, and the remaining 2 percent will be used to the processor for processing payments and Just Giving’s Just Giving platform will keep 1percent for its services.

In addition this, The Just Giving platform also confirmed that there isn’t any connection with Just Giving and Maytrix. There is therefore no reason to take part of the proceeds from Maytrix.


It is likely that the article claiming the Captain Tom Scam is bogus and that the claims are not true.

There is no way Captain Moore or Maytrix will be receiving an income from the NHS funds raised. Therefore, you should not be concerned about posts on social media that claim Capt Tom Fundraising is an fraud.

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