Caitlin Dickerson Obituary Learn Her Life Story!

Caitlin Dickerson Obituary
Caitlin Dickerson Obituary

In this blog we’ve discussed Jeff and Caitlin Dickerson as well as Jeff and Caitlin Dickerson’s Obituary and the cause of death.

Have you heard about the demise of an ESPN reporter? Are you aware that he worked for ESPN for many years? Would you like to learn about his wife who also suffered an premature death? If yes, then you should check out the blog post.

On 29th December, a famous ESPN reporter died. The wife of the reporter, Caitlin is suffering from an earlier death. A lot of people from America United States are seeking information about their demise. This is why, in this post we will look into Jeff and Caitlin Dickerson’s Obituary and the reason for her death.

What are you? Jeff Dickerson?

Dickerson was an ESPN Bears reporter since 2001. He provided TV commentary for Loyola men’s basketball games as well as being a sports reporter at ABC-7 within Chicago. He was admired by his colleagues for being a gentleman who was a kind man off-air as well as a brave reporter on air.

Dickerson has a son named Parker who is 11 years old. He is also survived by his grandparents, George and Sandy Dickerson. Caitlin Dickerson, Jeff’s wife, passed away three years ago, after an extended battle with illness. She died aged 36.

Before we know more details about Jeff and Caitlin Dickerson’s Obituary and the reason for their death, please let us know more about Caitlin.

who are you? Caitlin Dickerson?

Caitlin Dickerson was the spouse of the Jeff Dickerson, a former ESPN journalist Jeff Dickerson. They enjoyed an amazing marriage before she passed away in the year 2019.

According to reports the woman had been diagnosed as having cancer, and undergone treatment. The agony she endured lasted for eight years before she took her final breath in an inpatient bed.

After the death of Caitlin, Jeff Dickerson described his late wife as an example for all people because she didn’t allow her illness to dictate her life.

We now know more details about them, we’ll look into Jeff and Caitlin Dickerson’s Funeral and the reason for the death.

Jeff Dickerson Obituary & Cause of Death

Jeff Dickerson, an ESPN reporter, passed away on Tuesday, at 44 due an illness called colon cancer. Jeff was certain that he could cure the disease. But, he didn’t and died at such a young age.

The Chicago Bears wrote a special Obituary for Jeff Dickerson’s death on Twitter. They spoke about their sorrow over his passing and said they said that Jeff was an extremely positive person and an extremely dedicated journalist.

Additionally, famous media stars like Ben Baby & Adam Schefter have made statements about Jeff Dickerson’s passing on Twitter.

Caitlin Dickerson Obituary and Reason for Death

Caitlin Dickerson died at the age of 36 due to an Melanoma infection that caused cancer. She was a very happy person, but her passing left her husband with no one to fight cancer. In the three years following her death, her husband Jeff also passed away due to cancer which left their son an orphan.

The obituary for Caitlin was posted in the Funeral Pro website dated 4th March 2019. The notice listed the loved ones and relatives of Caitlin Dickerson, as well as her funeral information.


After the passing of Caitlin, Jeff Dickerson has worked with various charities to raise awareness and money for cancer research. Visit the News sitefor more information.

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