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The Butch Wordle article provides the right answer and the meaning along with the explanations for the perplexing wordle mechanism.

Are you a fan of wordle games? Are you a witness to some bizarre insanity in wordle answers? You want to find out the reasons? The New York Times recently provided two answers to a wordle puzzle that left Worldwidewordle lovers confused. There is a problem with the wordle mechanism. The wordle mechanism is faulty. Here’s the news article Butch Wordle.

What happened wordle?

Wordle users were confused by two answers provided by New York Times on May 10, 2022 by Wordle. The original answer was “butch,” and the new one was “gecko.”

Wordle gave two different answers to players yesterday. Online sources claim that wordle might still be experiencing glitches. It might have given different answers. Even the word “butch”, while it may sound good, is actually a bad one. It is something that indirectly degrades a person’s physical health.

Is Butch A Word?

Butch is the first wordle answer for May 10, 20,22. The word butch can also be used as an informal adjective in American Slang. It can also serve as a noun. It refers to a woman with a masculine body and manly manners.

Online research shows that most butch words are used in order to denigrate women’s natural appearances. It can also be used to discriminate against women. The New York Times may have removed it because it can hurt someone emotionally.

Two responses to the wordle

Gecko and Wordle Butch are both trending as it is the second consecutive change by the Wordle team. The answer was gecko for the players who cleared the cache, refreshed the website, and updated it. Butch was the one who didn’t refresh their website.

Online sources suggest that the changes could be partially related to the ongoing U.S. abortion rights controversy. The judge released statements that included same-gender marriage (like lesbians) and their abortion rights, etc. The butch word is derogatory and has a political connection to the recent issue.

The Wordle Puzzle

Butch Wordle says that the word gecko refers to a lizard. This is the updated answer to yesterday’s wordle. The wordle team has already changed answers like Agora, Lynch, and so on, so it is not the first.

You can play the Wordle online for free. Every day, players will be presented with a word puzzle that they have to solve in six attempts. Josh Wardle created this game. It was recently purchased by the New York Times, despite technical difficulties.


The Butch Wordle article provided the solutions and the meanings of the wordle puzzle answer answers. Although wordle games have been prone to errors for some time, the New York Times extended an apology for not providing solutions for one puzzle. They promised their players that they would be redesigning their system in order to eliminate future errors. To see more wordle puzzle updates visit

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