Bunny Warrior NFT {Jan} Some Collection Of Cartoon Artwork!

This article describes a collection non-fungible tokens digital artists have created based on Bunny Bose’s gang. Continue reading Bunny Warrior.

Do you want to buy a non-fungible token? You might have heard of a popular token series that is based on fiction stories.

Art and crypto enthusiasts in Hong Kong and around the globe are searching for rare art collections to purchase and sell in the future at a higher price. This industry is growing because of the increased demand for rare digital arts, and the optimism surrounding crypto and blockchain technology. Learn more about Bunny Warrior.

About Bunny Warriors Art Collection

Bunny warriors is an assortment of cartoon arts based on a story. The story is about Bunny Boss who is a pioneer, revolutionary, and born warrior. Bunny Bose was able to create “Bunny Warriors”, a group of bunny fighters.

Bunny Gang is made up of a variety of fiction characters, each with a different type of character. This makes the story more exciting. Apart from Bunny Boss, the main characters are Ninja Bunny, Wizard Bunny, and Naval Bunny. Bunny NFT buyers receive unique Bunny characters that tell a Bunny story.

Bunny Warrior NFT

  • Bunny warriors are composed of 6,666 NFTs. Each bunny is a different character.
  • Bunnies are designed to be able to fight against any serious situation that might threaten their fate.
  • A bunny army is created when a group bunnies are able to fight and attack each other with different skills.
  • A bunny NFT collector with more power will be more dominant than other NFT collectors. Each NFT’s value varies depending on the bunny.

Bunny Warriors

  • Forcey is associated to Bunny Warrior FFT‘s community activities.
  • Bunny Warriors’ main artist is Kiindwhaley.
  • Raygchi and Glun are the developers.
  • Reberth is a moderator.
  • Ergo is the person behind marketing.
  • Jas is a metaverse Architect.
  • WhiteElitee is the security engineer for the team.

How do I buy Bunny Warriors?

  • Bunny warriors are available for purchase on the Bunny Warriors website starting 2 January 2022.
  • Bunny Warriors will require the buyer to first connect their bank account.
  • During the public share, each bunny is worth 0.88 SOL. Learn more about Bunny Warrior.
  • User must add enough SOL to their wallet.
  • Buyers can choose from 6,666 bunnies for sale.
  • A Warrior NFT can be purchased once it is bought. The buyer can then sell it at a high price. The story’s importance will determine the value of each Bunny.


NFT collections allow buyers to participate in the story mode that is created by NFT collection artists. They also add value to existing bunny collections. For more information about this topic please visit.

Are you familiar with Bunny Warrior NFT stories? If so, please mention it below.

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