Brunetti Myer Reviews (August) Is The Website Legit Or Scam?

Find exclusive information that is not available anywhere else in the Brunetti Myer Review. Also, learn about its advantages and its authenticity.

Are you planning to purchase cakes for various occasions from an online shop located in Australia? Do you prefer delivery on the doorstep on the right time and date without having to worry about cancellations? Are you interested in purchasing fresh flavors of cakes and sweets, mainly made of Italian origin? is an online store that offers an array of sweets cake, drinks, and cakes. Before you place an order, be sure to verify the authenticity of this website in this comprehensive Brunetti Myer review.


Brunettioro was founded in 1956 as a shop serving Italian foodies in an attempt to maintain Italian tradition and culture. Brunettioro is an expert in the production of cakes and desserts that earned praise from its customers.

Brunettioro is a company that aims to produce high quality products standards. is the official commercial website that accepts orders for pickup and delivery. provides Oro Sweets and other products, such as:

  • Biscuits,
  • Cannoli,
  • Chocolate,
  • Croissants,
  • Danishes,
  • Eclairs,
  • Macaron,
  • Mignon and
  • Nougat. cakes include:

  • Oro Rocher,
  • Tiramisu,
  • New York Cheesecake,
  • Con Amore
  • Nocciolato,
  • Black Forest,
  • Chocolate Mud,
  • Francese,
  • Chocolate Mousse,
  • Pistachio & Cherry Black Forest,
  • Chocolate Souffle, let’s find out whether Brunetti Myer Legalfurther below.
  • Royale,
  • Millefoglie,
  • Mix of Berry Charlotte,
  • Profiterole,
  • Cookies and cream Cheesecake,
  • Croquembouche,
  • Svizzera,
  • Opera,
  • San Remo,
  • Julio Cesare,
  • Hazelnut & Zabaglione Torte,
  • Lemon Tart,
  • Almond as well as Orange Torte,
  • Ciambella Chocolate Tea,
  • Ciambella Limone Tea,
  • Vanilla Cannoli Tower,
  • Sotto Bosco,
  • Passionfruit Tart,
  • Cassata Siciliana,
  • Hazelnut Souffle and
  • Hazelnut Cannoli Tower.


  • Buy cakes at–
  • Social media Linksismentioned on FB as well as Instagram in Brunettioro.
  • Price:between AU$32.00 up to AU$75.00.
  • Brunetti Myer Reviews of Physical Address–brunettioro is present at four locations mentioned at
  • Terms and Conditions–mentioned, but plagiarism was found in terms of use, terms and conditions.
  • Privacy Policymentioned in clear terms on Brunettioro.
  • Contact number (or) Whatsapp number-Whatsapp number isn’t mentioned. Contact number is different based on the location. Please access for the contact number.
  • Delivery PolicyBrunettioro provides cakes on the dates that is specified by the client.
  • Shipping Policy-It manufactures and delivers cakes at the time specified. Shipping, delivery and GST costs are calculated at checkout process and will differ depending on the location you are in.
  • Method of Payment-via Stripe only in AUD.
  • Brunetti Myer Reviews on Newsletters–supported by Brunettioro.
  • Owner’s contact information and identityContact information and IdentityCarla Angele of Anluca P.Ltd. The brunettioro owner is Carla Angele from Anluca P.Lt. Her personal contacts were blocked
  • Cancellation, return and refund policies including email address, restocking fees, tracking, help and FAQ—Unspecified.


  • provides 36 different varieties of desserts, 9 types of sweets, five varieties of drinks, as well as gift cards.
  • Brunettioro has provided product specifications in detail including ingredients, weights, and different types as well as images of products
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface for includes search filters, sorting, and filtering options


  • Insufficient logic and inadequate inventory control of allows users to purchase unlimited amounts of the exact item
  • Numerous important policies weren’t listed on the brunettioro website.

Is Brunetti Myer Legit?

  • Brunettioro Updated onthe17th January 2022 at 62:30.
  • Trust Index–Brunettioro has an unsatisfactory 36 percent trust index.
  • Business RankingBrunettioro has achieved a top 100 percent business rank.
  • Origin of the sourcePlace of origin –The country of the brunettioro’s origin is not known.
  • Brunettioro Creation–no data.
  • Status of Blacklisting–Brunettioro is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status-its IP is a valid SSL certification that will last for the next 70 years.
  • Brunettioro Expiry–no data.
  • Risk Profile, Phishing Score Spam Score, Malware Score —0 percent.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity–7%.
  • Contact person:Steve Makris, director of retail and business services is the contact person listed on Brunettioro.
  • Connection Security–Brunettioro uses a secured HTTPS connection.
  • Social relations–@brunettioro1956 is present on Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Facebook.

Customers Brunetti Myer Reviews:

The user reviews are for specific stores of Brunettioro in Australia. Brunetti Oro Flinders Lane was given a rating of 4.2/5 stars by customers of 6,725 as well as TripAdvisor has rated it 5 stars.

Brunetti Oro from Myer was evaluated at 3.2/55 points by 187 consumers. Reviewers on Facebook were rated as 3.8/5 stars out of 82 reviews. was ranked as a mediocre Alexa rank of 1,613,806.

More than eight video and website reviews on Brunettioro appeared to be favorable. All reviews of products posted on were rated 5 stars therefore they are not reliable and not true. Because brunettioro accepts payments made with credit cards, know about frauds with credit cards to prevent fraudulent use of money from plastic.


Brunetti Myer Reviews concludes that it is a legitimate website, as thousands of customers have received delivery and the site has stores that are physically located in Australia. While brunettioro has a high business rating and excellent reviews from customers, scored poor on the trust index as well as Alexa ranking. Therefore, is recommended to knowledgeable internet users. Find out about PayPal fraudulent activities Paypal scamsto stay clear of scams.

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