Brittany Gaw Missing Where is Brittany Gaw Missing?

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What happened to Brittany Gaw

It was 13 years ago that Brittanee Gaw, a spring breaker in Myrtle Beach, reported that she had been missing. According to the official report, Raymond Moody (62) has been arrested and charged with Brittanee’s murder.

Officers from the police said that Moddy was also a guest at Brittany’s Motel. On April 26, 2009, he pulled her towards Surfside at top speed and murdered her. He also buried her body that day. Her body was later found in Georgetown on Wednesday 12 October 2022. It was about 35 kilometers from the place where she disappeared.

Brittany Gaw is missing?

Brittany was a student of Gates Chili High School in Rochester. According to CCTV footage, Brittany was last seen in Myrtle Beach, April 2009, just before she went missing. They searched everywhere she was located in McClellanville’s north. It was there that her mobile phone had been switched off, and she left no trace of her location.

Her boyfriend was concerned that she didn’t receive his call while he was out of town and made the whole story public.

Where was Brittany Gaw found?

Brittany Gaw’s disappearance case became a national scandal when authorities found body remains in an area of wooded land near Georgetown County. Brittany’s dental records have confirmed that the body is that of the missing girl.


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