Brian Wells Death Video: Know About The Video!

Brian Wells Death Video explores the pizza bomber case, what exactly happened that day and its aftermath.

Did you enjoy the Netflix original series Evil Genius? Did you like it? What’s the story? This is a true tale based on the most bizarre and shocking bank thefts in American and Japanese history.

This is the case of the Pizza Bomber Bank Robbery, also known as Collar Bomb Heist. This remains a tragic, shocking event in criminal history. Let’s explore this in the Brian Wells Death Video.

What is the story of the bank robbery by the pizza bomber?

Brian Wells, wearing a metal neck collar, entered a PNC Bank on August 28, 2003. He claimed he was forced to rob a bank. He handed a detailed note to a teller demanding $250,000, and saying that his collar was a bomb. He demanded $250,000 and the bank employees gave him a large amount of money.

Police were informed of the Brian Wells Bomb after leaving the bank. Wells was apprehended by officers who surrounded him and called in the bomb squad. They also began to evacuate the area. Before the bomb squad could arrive, the explosive device exploded, killing Brian Wells immediately.

What were the effects of the explosion?

The police found notes on the spot of the murder with instructions in handwriting about what to do following the robbery. Investigation revealed that a number of people were involved in a complicated plot.

The search for Brian Wells’s death continues. The investigation revealed that Wells was an unwitting accomplice to the crime. He claimed that he had been forced to take part in the robbery, and that an unknown assailant placed the bomb collar around his neck. Evidence suggests that Wells was aware of the plot, but didn’t expect the bomb to be operational.

Who else was involved in this case?

Further investigation revealed that Diehl Armstrong was the perpetrator of this crime. She was part of a scheme to get money to hire hitmen and kill her father. It is still unclear what motivated the Brian Wells Bomb case, but speculations suggest that it was a combination of greed, personal relationships and mental health issues. Diehl was sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiracy, bank robbery and the use of a destructive device. She died on April 4, 2017 in prison.

William Rothstein admitted that he provided materials to build the bomb. He died from cancer on July 30th, 2004 before he was charged in the case.

Kenneth Barnes, a friend of Diehl Armstrong and Wells admitted that he was involved in the plot for Brian Wells’ Death Video. He admitted to conspiring to commit a bank robbery, and to aiding and abetining the use of a destructive device. Barnes was sentenced to 45 years in prison and died on June 20, 2019 while incarcerated.


For more information about Brian Wells Death Video, you can watch Netflix’s Evil Genius. Nearly two decades have passed since the Brain Wells Case. It remains one of the most shocking cases where an American died after an explosive collar was placed around his neck. Wikipedia has a lot of information about the death Brian Wells.

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