Boat Accident Miami Yesterday What is the Story with Regards to The Miami Boat Accident?

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What is the story with regards to The Miami Boat Accident?

The accident occurred on Sunday, after 10:20 p.m. close to Boca Chita Key. According to the report from the U.S Coast Guard, a statement says it was they immediately contacted the Ocean Reef Public Safety Team immediately joined the well-trained Samaritans.

The official statement issued by police revealed that 11 people aboard the boat were injured during the incident. Four suffered serious injuries and were taken for treatment at South Medical Center.

What exactly is the meaning of a Boating Accident in Miami ?

The boat accident that was reported in Miami was tragic news for the city residents. The boat was filled with college students were hurt through Our Lady of Lourdes, and many others were also hurt by the accident. The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Team, the total of people seated was around a dozen, and the boat sank in an accident on Sunday evening. The boat smashed into an indicator on the channel near Boca Chita and sank in the water.

In this incident at the scene the body of one person was found dead and the remaining three had suffered trauma injuries to the body. In the aftermath, Miami’s Archdiocese of Miami has stated to CBS4 that Lourdes Academy Miami The Lourdes Academy Miami pupil Lucy Fernandez, 17 passed away.

Archdiocese stated in its statement in the statement that the last name given to the deceased student was Fernandez She was just one year old. She was verified with the administrators of the school. She was an active participant of the cross-country team as well as a was a part of the peer ministry.

But, following the crash of the boat, police were at the scene and helped rescue people by lifting them from the water. Yet, only a few fight for life or death. The chief of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, Juan Garrandes stated that critically ill individuals were transported by air up to Elliot Key Island.

What’s the boat accident in Miami Today death rate?

The U.S Coast guard has stated that they discovered two bodies there and also saved another person shortly after the boat sank. The people who were rescued took to the local hospital to receive treatment. Swimmers have lifted severely injured victims from the waters.

The rescue team later published a photograph of the vessel that collided with a crash on Sunday night. It was submerged and a hole could be discovered inside the vessel. This is a huge loss to those who lost loved ones in the accident.


We have provided all the details regarding the the boat accident that occurred in Miami yesterday in our report. In the present, it is important to pray for those fighting for their lives. God bless the families who have lost loved family members. Check out this site: Miami boat Accident for more information and find all the details.

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