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It was the start of the new year and it was time to watch week 17 of Monday Night Football in the United States. Canadian football fans were excitedly watching the match. A player suffered a serious injury during the game, and was admitted to hospital.

Who was the player? What caused him to get hurt? What was the reason for his teammates’ tears? How is the health of the player? Let’s look at the Bills player injury video.

Video about the injured player:

A week 17 match between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills was set for Monday 2 January 2023 at the Paycor Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio. The match began at 8:30 PM EST, and was streamed live via several channels.

Unexpectedly, an accident happened during the game at Paycor Stadium. This stadium is the home venue for the NFL Cincinnati Bengals. It was open to matches since August 2000. YouTube video shows a player wearing jersey number 85 from the Cincinnati Bengals carrying the football.

The Buffalo Bills reacted to the player’s attempt to steal the ball from him. Demar Hamlin (in jersey number three) collided with the carrier.

Close inspection of the video shows the helmet of Demar’s ball carrier hitting into Demar’s chest in the upper right-hand corner. Demar’s head was on the ground after he fell onto the helmet of the ball carrier. Thisvideowent viral on Twitter

While trying to stop the ball carrier, two other Buffalo Bills players wore jersey numbers 49 or 21.

The collision was not intended and was meant to stop the ball carrier moving towards the goalpost. The ball carrier was stopped from moving further towards the goalpost by all four players. Three of them were able to get up and move on. Demar, however, took a step backwards and fell on the field. American sportscaster Joseph Francis Buck covered what happened on the field.

Joe stated that Demar Hamlin received CPR for nine minutes. But, Instagram videos revealed that he didn’t get up. Joe Burrow and Josh Allen were seen on the field crying. Demar was prayed for by Buffalo Bills players who then cried.

A call was made to an ambulance. Demar was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he was placed in incubators. Demar’s condition has remained critical.

Incubation refers to the procedure of inserting a tube into the lungs through the mouth to allow oxygen to circulate. Telegram chat suggested that Demar could not breathe properly.


Demar Hamlin, the safety player for the Buffalo Bills. He is a Pittsburgh resident. Demar sustained severe injuries during Monday’s football match. CPR was given to him. He was in critical condition and was admitted to the hospital. His condition is still critical. According to Twitter updates, he was in an incubator at the hospital.

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