Best Clash Royale Decks (Dec) Check The Best Meta Lists!

Clash Royale is a popular card game created by Supercell which is known for their other games, including Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars as well as Boom Beach. In this card game that is action-oriented you’ll be building an array of decks and placing cards on the table to defend the towers of your opponents. There’s a significant amount of planning involved and knowing how to play the deck in a way that is correct is vital. But knowing the right cards to play is an important aspect to winning. This post can assist, as many people don’t know how to make the perfect deck. We’ll take the guesswork out of the game by introducing the best options for decks to play Clash Royale in this guide.

The Best Decks for Clash Royale

As we approach December 2021, it appears like decks such as LavaLoon, Clone, and LumberLoon are at high in meta today. Although the Champion cards at first made an uproar but it’s not clear if they’re strong enough to make it into some of the best decks currently. But, if Archer Queen and Golden Knight are in play, but it appears that Skeleton King is looking out rather than inside.

This deck has been played by the most popular player in the world , and Morten believes it is one of the top decks available currently. It requires Archer Queen, Bandit, Dark Prince, Electro Spirit, Lightning, Mega Knight, Ram Rider, and The Log to play it.

If you’re looking to learn how you can make use of it, watch the tutorial below!

This deck, which comprises Baby Dragon, Bats, Clone, Fireball, Flying Machine, Lava Hound, Lumberjack along with Skeleton Army are one the best options on the ladder today!

Ram Rider Archer Queen Deck

The Archer Queen focused list includes Bandit, Barbarian Barrel, Electro Spirit, Lightning, Mega Knight, Ram Rider as well as Royal Ghost.

Double Dragon Balloon Deck

Double Dragon is a pretty well-known archetype. Here it uses the formidable Balloon to shoot bombs at opponents’ towers. To play this list, you will require Balloon, Barbarian Barrel, Bowler, Electro Dragon, Freeze, Inferno Dragon, Lumberjack and Tornado.

LavaLoon Deck

LavaLoon is a deck that has been around for a while that is a great alternative to take to the ladder. It includes Balloon, Fireball, Guards, Lava Hound, Mega Minion, Skeleton Dragons, Tombstone and Zap. Lava Hound is a monster and is able to absorb the damage it causes and then give it away. The Balloon can also strike towers hard. You also have Fireball as well as Lightning to guard you against crowds, and in the event that things get out of control.

Mother Witch Cannon Cart Deck

This deck is also referred to as SimCity because of the buildings you’re going to put in. To make this deck a part of combat, you’re going to require Barbarian Barrel Cannon Cart, Fireball, Flying Machine, Furnace, Goblin Hut, Mega Knight, and Mother Witch!

Archer Queen PEKKA Ghost Deck

If you’re searching for one of the best lists to play PEKKA at the moment the version with Archer Queen and Bandit should perform for you. It contains Archer Queen, Bandit, Electro Wizard, Fireball, Goblin Cage, PEKKA, Royal Ghost, and Zap.

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