Backyard Breaks Reviews (January) Check If It Is Legit Or A Scam Website?

This report is a must read to find out more about Backyard Breaks reviews about an online portal that gives memorabilia and sports trading cards of the most famous athletes.

Do you own a collection of sports cards? Do you want to add to your collection? Do you exchange sports memorabilia with your buddies? If yes, then you’ll be intrigued by websites that deal with cards of famous athletes.

In this piece we’ve provided details regarding an online shop for merchandise. People from a variety of countries particularly those from the United States, would like to know more about this site and the giveaways it offers. Therefore, you should go through this article to learn about more about Backyard Breaks Review.

What is Backyard Breaks?

Backyard Breaks provides an internet-based shop which deals in trading cards that are based on sports. The players featured on the cards typically belong to those of the NBA (National Basketball Association) and the NFL (National Football League). The cost of the cards are based on to the rarity and the accomplishments of the athletes.

The portal also offers merchandise from players, such as signed footballs, jerseys and other items. You can also watch live streams of games through the portal’s Facebook and Twitter channels.


  • Website Type Website Type An online storefront which sells the players’ and sports trading cards merchandise.
  • Website Address –
  • contact address and Phone NumberConcerning The backyard break scam the physical address and phone number are not available.
  • E-mail Id –
  • Sort By and Filter By –Present
  • Social Media Linking –Present
  • Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions –Mentioned
  • Shipping Information Shipping Details Orders in the United States take 3 to five working days. International delivery can take between 10 and twenty working days.
  • Return and Refunds Returning and resending items is not possible.
  • Payment Methods Payment Methods Not listed on the homepage.
  • Price of Products –Given in USD.


  • In some instances the team will offer giveaways of trading cards that customers may enjoy. This is a crucial aspect concerning reviewing the Backyard Breaks reviews..
  • The participants actively manage the social media channels of the website.


  • The majority of items are out of inventory. Only three items are in stock.
  • Even with the items in stock We were unable to add them in the basket. This suggests poor design on the website.
  • The quick links, such as FAQs as well as some of the products are broken and don’t provide any results.
  • Live streaming doesn’t display any information regardless of the availability on calendar.
  • There isn’t a section on the site to look over the purchase.
  • The developers have not provided the contact information of the owner or phone number.

Is Backyard Breaks Scam?

We gathered the information below to clarify the legitimacy of the site. Because of an upcoming giveaway the internet was abuzz with people searching for the legitimacy of this site. Please read the following information to know more about its authenticity.

  • Portal Age –The website is 9 months old since the creators launched it on the 12th of April 2021.
  • Portal Trust Score –8 percent, which is an Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Alexa Rank:183,335 which is a remarkable grade. It means that the site has been able to draw a lot of traffic over the past few months.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews The website does not have a section for customers to write reviews for Backyard Breaks. Backyard Breaks reviews.
  • Social Media Connection –The website is linked via its social media pages across various channels. They include Instagram, TikTok, WhatNot, YouTube, Twitter, Discord and Facebook. The team is proactive in managing these platforms and offers video content that is interactive.
  • Contact Information Contact Information Neither the contact information as well as the number for the contact is accessible on the website. A e-mail address is listed, however, it’s generic and doesn’t belong to the domain of the website.

The above issues offer diverse and uncertain opinions regarding this site. Therefore, we are not able to confirm its legitimacy because it’s relatively new.

Backyard Breaks Reviews

In the past, Twitch held an auction on the Twitch account. They pulled out an extremely expensive card valued at $20,000, but they refused to distribute it to the person who won the prize. The user then raised questions about the legitimacy of the website. Furthermore the reviews regarding Backyard Breaks on Reddit indicate that many people are skeptical of its actions.

The portal’s team gave the winnings to a charity. Additionally, the charity has confirmed winnings through social media.


This year’s Backyard Breaks Review aren’t pleasing, especially following the giveaway event. In addition, the research we conducted questions the authenticity of the review. We cannot however affirm its validity since it’s relatively new.

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