Avory Definition {February} Check The Popularity Behind This!

Learn more about Avory’s Definition which is a search term on the internet to identify babies and learn about Mick Avory, the legendary musician.

Did you be aware that Avory is searched for online due to two reasons? Do you want to know more about the trends in search and the duo-factors that they bring? The Avory term is a popular search by users from Canada as well as Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

We present to you the significance of Avory in English, Old French, Old German, its meaning in contemporary names, and the story of success for Mike Avory. So, you should read this article to find out more the meaning of Avory’s definition.


  1. The definition in the dictionary of Avory is “Ruler of the Elves” in English.
  2. The word Avory is derived in French in addition to German.
  3. Avory is a variant of Avory.
  4. Avory, in the French language of old, refers to “old peace” (or) “inspired advice”.
  5. In the old English, Avory means elf.
  6. The Avory word is not a part of any meaning or reference in contemporary names.

There are two motives behind the popularity of Avory. Avory:

  • A well-known artist Mick Avory turned 78 years old on February 15th, 2022.
  • Many people have searched for the definitions to name their children.

The Avory definition for the naming of Baby Girls:

While the popularity of the Avory word was high from 2014 to the year 2018, it was not a popular name for babies. This is why the Avory name isn’t listed as one of the top baby girls’ 1K names.

As of 2021 Avory had been ranked at 10,017 as a baby girl’s name suggested on websites. However there was a notable decline in its rank starting in 2020 when Avory name was ranked at 704 in 2020.

The Astrological theories:

Avory is a word that has significance. Astrological element of Avory has significance because it contains ‘A’ and the letter ‘Y’ within the Avory definition. This is why Avory is a suitable Avory name is recommended for babies born under Aries’s zodiac sign as well as Krittika’s sign.

Avory-named individuals can have success with people who have name numbers such as 17,13,8,4. When it comes to success as a teacher professions. People who have Avory names are innovative.

The triumph story of Mick Avory

Since Mick Avory’s birthday fell on the 15th of February, lots of people logged on to the internet to find out more information about him using his last name.

Mick Avory was a Drummer and Percussionist with The Kinks’ English rock band which became extremely popular. Learn more about Avory’s definition in the section below.

Mick Avory joined the band in 1964, and remained over 20 years. Mick Avory was brought in to replace Micky Willet who had quit the Kinks group in 1964.

Mick Avory was not featured on drums, but experienced drummers played in the Kinks. In 1966 Mick Avory served as an all-time drummer until his retirement from Kinks in 1984.


In the event that Avory name is examined in the US from 1994, it was two baby girls named Avory per million people after having checked the Avory Defined. However Avory names per million Avory names in million rose by 11 per million from 2002 and 2010 and hit the peak in 2014 when there were 14 newborn girls who were named Avory.

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