Authmsg Scam How Scammers Profit

To understand why an authentication code was sent to you, read exclusive facts about Authmsg scam.

Have you ever seen Authmsg in the United Kingdom on your phone? Do you want to find out why you are getting these messages? Many people were spoofed by scammers in 2020-21. Did you know that Authmsg is a service?

You cannot blacklist legitimate Authy messages so how can you protect yourself? Let’s examine below the Authmsg scam.

The new smishing scheme:

A large number of people have received SMSs from Authmsg stating “Your verification code is” followed by a number since mid-2021. The reason for the messages were not known by people.

People initially thought it was a scam. Then someone would call them pretending to be from technical support or customer service for a particular application or website to request the verification code. However, none of the scammers called. It was also revealed that this Authmsg scam is a sophisticated SMS scam.

About Sms Spam :

Authy API and Verify API are two APIs that allow messages to be sent with the sender name Authmsg. Authy offers 2-factor authentication (2FA) services in over 79 countries.

An Application Programming Interface is software that interacts with two applications regarding a request or response. 2FA is activated by the application that sends an authentication code. API software then sends an SMS to the registered number.

API is not used by the user. Instead, the user enters the verification codes on the application to gain access. Authmsg Review it was found that Authy provides its services to various platforms and applications in the UK. However, it is not clear for which app the Authmsg was received, particularly since the users have not accessed any apps.

How scammers profit

It is evident that scammers are targeting users and applications that don’t have 2FA enabled. It would be very difficult for scammers access to your account if 2FA is activated. They will need to contact you first to get the Authmsg scam verification codes. The scammers can be traced during this process.

If 2FA isn’t activated, then it would be necessary to verify user credentials like DoB, Mother’s Maiden Name, Address, etc. that can be obtained via phishing.


Authmsg, Authy and other service providers are licensed in many countries. The Authmsg containing verification code indicates that you have attempted to login to a particular app/platform. The details of the particular platform or app are not clear. You can also reset your password to determine which app 2FA has been activated.

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