Aruba Boating Accident {March 2022} Check The Update Here!

How many boaters perished during the Aruba Boating Accident? Take a look at this article to learn more about the information. Stay tuned for more blog posts.

What was the incident in Aruba? Did anyone die in Aruba? Today, we will discuss an accident that caused heartache on 21st December, 2015. The tragedy occurred in Aruba close to in the United States.

As per the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, the vessel of seven Venezuelan men capsized close to Aruba. As they tried to rescue them the shark attacked them. Sadly, one was dead.

It’s heartbreaking news. The events occurred in such a short time that the rescue team was unable to rescue the Venezuelan man. We will investigate this incident. Aruba incident on the boat.

Which is Aruba is located?

Aruba is a stunning island located in the Southern Caribbean Sea. The island is nearly flat. Ayo Rock Forms, as well as Casibari are the major tourist attractions. Apart from these, Eagle Beach, Baby, Arashi Beach, Arikok National Park, Boca Catalina Beach, California Lighthouse are well-known destinations to explore. Aruba is located about 25 km from the coastline of Venezuela.

Aruba is a must-visit destination for beach and sea lovers. If you are awestruck by the tranquil beauty of the ocean and the beach, then Aruba is the ideal holiday spot for you.

A boater is killed by sharks at the time of an Aruba A boating incident:

The spokesperson, Roderick Gouverneur from DCCG Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard stated at a press conference that the boat of the seven Venezuelan men suddenly flipped upside down. After a short time the rescue team arrived to assist them. One of seven Venezuelan men was attempting to fit the buoy that was torpedoed. The rescue team did their best to aid the man in an air-craft. But then the shark appeared and was able to attack the man.

The shark inflicted severe injuries to the man. The man was not able to survive. As he was being transported to hospital, the patient passed away when he got the hospital. It is believed that the Aruba Boating Accident is heartbreaking news.

Others Injuries

According to the spokesman Roderick Gouverneur Two other boaters were killed when the vessel was upside down. They drowned in sea. He also noted that the other four Venezuelan men had to take a long amount of time to recuperate from dehydration after drinking lots of seawater while carrying the pallet and refrigerator.

The incident was extremely painful for the family members as well as the loved ones of those seven Venezuelan men. Seven boaters were killed, but only four of them survived. They’re still trying to forget about the incident and return to their life path.

The cause to die in Aruba Boating incident:

  • A shark brutally killed a Venezuelan man.
  • Two other boaters drowned in the water.


Seven Venezuelan men set off for the purpose of selling whisky in Aruba. They set off from Bonaire to sell their products. They weren’t the only ones but a lot of Venezuelans also traveled on vessels to sell their goods across the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

To know more, click Aruba. To end this article, we’re able to affirm that we offer our deep condolences to the victims of the Aruba boating Accident.

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