Arkget Shoes Reviews Information about the Online Portal:

This is a review of Arkget Shoes Reviews to assess the credibility of the site that is an online retailer that offers male-specific shoes since June 2021.

Are you in search of trendy shoes at a reasonable price? Do you have the desire to go through the collection of latest men’s footwear? If so, you should be extra cautious prior to making a purchase Arkget shoes.

Arkget ships from all of the United States to Hong Kong and promises to offer the latest and most popular catalog. The site is new, which means we need to be sure to read Arkget Shoes Reviews before committing to buying from this retailer.

Information about the Online Portal:

Arkget says it is an online store for footwear that specializes in footwear for men. Their website also includes tabs devoted to clothing for men and accessories, such as watches, sunglasses, etc.

They have a vast collection of footwear, including outdoor hiking shoes and lace-up boat footwear Casual leather shoes, leather loafers, low heels and the elastic lace sandals for outdoor use. There are also women’s shoes with formal and casual styles. and casual attire.

Arket is a fairly new site with a few reviews from customers. This raises the question: Are Arkget Shoes Legit or not?

Web site specifications

  • URL:
  • Email
  • Physical Address:Hong Kong Arkget Trading Company, 349 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  • Shipping Policies:Dispatch generated within 3-7 days. It can take up to two weeks before international items are ready to be dispatched.
  • Price of delivery:$6.99. Free shipping is provided for orders of more than $69.
  • Policy on Returns:A fourteen-day period is given for returning items. The warehouse will issue a refund once it has received the item to return.
  • Payment methods:PayPal, using Credit Cards.
  • Secure Payments:Uses SSL technology encode and store information.

Website legitimacy check – Is Arkget Shoes Legit?

  • Domain Age:domain has been created in June 22nds 2021. It is less than two years old.
  • Domain expiry information:domain expiry date is at least 5 years. The expiration date is June 22nd, 2027.
  • Owner’s verification information:the website is under the control Go Daddy. Go Daddy. Com, LLC
  • SSL security assessment:The website is secured by a secure protocol.
  • Risk and malware score:8/100. So the odds of having an internet-inducing virus are not high.’
  • Website Popularity1513769 This gives the site a lower recognition rate for users. So, we need to be looking at Arkget Shoes Review prior to making buying.
  • Index of trust:It stands at just 60 trust index of 80.
  • Social media hyperlinks Links forFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest are available for purchase, but only for reviews. You can’t see what other users have were able to review.
  • Score for Spam:6/100. It is therefore a reliable site.
  • Status of the blacklist:Not detected by any blacklist agent.


  • The website has been registered to expire after 5 years. This implies that the company is stable enough to continue paying rent on the domain for the next 5 years.
  • Registered with Cyber Bust as a legitimate website.
  • The risk and score for malware and a secure HTTPS indication are low.

Cons is based in Arkget Shoes Reviews

  • The absence of customer feedback on their official platforms as well as other trustworthy websites that review reviews.
  • Return and shipping costs are not refundable and must be borne by the buyer
  • The address of the website is not in accordance with the data in Google Maps

Now let’s look at the customer reviews thoroughly to verify the legitimacy of the review and confirm its authenticity.

What is the opinion of customers who are already there?

The company claims to be a cutting-edge fashion retailer, offering shoes for men at affordable but ridiculous costs. Unfortunately, customer reviews are not available on the official website. Unfortunately, no other external reviewing platform has Arkget Shoes Reviews. Arkget Shoes Reviews.

Prior to making any significant investments on the website, the user must confirm the legitimacy of the website using legitimate information and investigation to ensure they don’t fall for scams.

The Last Words

The website is a brand new E-commerce store that offers the vast catalog that includes formal wear casual clothing, hiking boots as well as outdoor shoes. A lot of essential elements aren’t there to prove that this isn’t a fake website. The absence of real feedback from customers and Arkget Shoes Reviews on external reviewing websites makes you be cautious.

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