Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny {January 2022} How To Get It!

This article about Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny will guide you through the box set, and the contents in the set.

A lot of famous artists release their albums which millions of listeners around the world are devoted to. Bad Bunny is a famous artist and rapper across the United States and other countries. People are enthralled by their music videos and albums.

This article about the Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny will guide you through the box set of famous musician that was released and has gained a lot of attention. If you’re unaware of this the Trilogy Bad Bunny, this article will help you through the process.

Who is Bad Bunny?

Benito Antonio, popularly known as Bad Bunny, was born on the 10th of March, 1994. He is a singer, actor and rapper. His music is often referred to as reggaeton, and Latin Trap. He has worked with many famous artists, including J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Rosalia, Arcangel. The album he debuted on was entitled X 100pre. The album was awarded the Latin Grammy. The other albums he has released include YHLQMDLG. It was also given the Grammy Award.

More on Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny launched his album box set that is gaining in popularity. The box set contains three different album images that are of Bad Bunny. The fans of his are thrilled to purchase this set. We will give you the entire details of the box set, as well as the way you can order this set.

After being a top-rated artist in The Billboard’s Latin Artist, Bad Bunny has returned to the top of the charts as part of the Anniversary Trilogy. This is the six-disc LP Vinyl box set. The box set debuted at No.1 among The Top Latin Albums, Latin Rhythm Albums, Vinyl Albums. Numerous famous influencers have opened the set and have given positive reviews. According to Anniversary Trilogy Bad Bunny The Anniversary Trilogy launched with units that were earned by albums with equivalents of 14,000.

How do you obtain this set of Boxes?

The method to purchase this box set is simple. You can purchase this box set through the official web site of Bad Bunny that we will be sharing on this page. The most important things to be taken note of are:

  • A non-official and relevant website was discovered for Bad Bunny to buy this. You can however purchase this on other websites for shopping.
  • The box includes three of Bad Bunny’s No.1 projects that feature Vinyl Double-Disc pressings. These are El Ultimo Mundo, YHLQMDLG, and X 100pre.
  • According to the anniversary trilogy of Bad Bunny, all these albums aren’t the hottest, but they were on the top of the list just a few weeks ago.

Achievements of Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny has gained mass recognition through his albums of music and rappers. He has received numerous prizes throughout his long and successful career. He has been awarded:

  • Grammy Award
  • Latin Grammy Award (four)
  • Billboard Music Awards (eight)
  • American Music Awards

Similar to X 100pre or Oasis Some tracks from him were amongst the top of Latin Music. He was awarded an ASCAP Latin award for being the most talented music writer.


It is inspired by the anniversary Trilogy Based on the Anniversary Trilogy Bunny Based on the Anniversary Trilogy, we have provided all the information on this set, including what’s included. The complete list of the achievements of his team and the way to get it. Vinyl Box Set. For more information on Vinyl Box Set Check out this page.

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