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Have you heard about your knowledge of Nuclear War that occurred long many years ago? Are you curious to learn more about this subject? If so, go through this article attentively and gain some information on this subject.

Nuclear War creates fear in all minds around the globe. Countries such as that of United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom are rich in nuclear weapons. Recent studies have shown that this type of nuclear war was not that many years in the past. In this article, we will look at this war, the Ancient Harappan Nuclear War .

Nuclear War That Happened In The Ancient Harappan Civilization

We’ve learned about the devastating effects from the Nuclear War from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki of World War II. Today, we live in a world where the most powerful nations display their power and boast of their nuclear power.

The latest excavation discovered Skeletons scattered across two cities, Harappa and Mohenjodaro. Some of these skeletons held hands and some were lying on their backs like something terrible had took place at the same time, and people had died but were never buried.

In discussing The Ancient Harappan Nuclear War We can see that these skeletons are thousands years old. It is unclear why bots and earthworms could not eat these bodies at the time. Why are wild animals eating the bodies of these people and so on.? In addition the test did not reveal a marking on the body that could indicate violent acts.

A scientist who was from Soviet Russia excavated a skeleton fifty times more radioactive than the actual amount. In a country such as India several cities have been discovered that bear evidence of an explosion with great magnitude. There is one city that is situated between Rajmahal as well as the Ganges.

Some More Instances Of Ancient Harappan Nuclear War

In India there is a spot known as Lonar Crater, which is located about 400 kilometers from Bombay. This area is 50 years old. According to researchers the area has seen indications from Nuclear Wars.

Within the Rampa Empire in Rajasthan, there are evidences for Nuclear War. The site was in the Western portion of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, where there was a thick layers of radioactive ash were discovered. In the area where the present Thar desert is located some time ago it was part the Indus Valley.

Kids were born having deformities at the site as well as the area has the highest radiation levels. The Indian Government has shut down this area.

Why Is Ancient Harappan Nuclear War Trending In News

A historian known as Kisari Mohan Ganguli claims that Indian Scriptures contain a variety of example that is a part of Nuclear War, either its sky chariots , or its final weapon.

In our current world, where the strength of a country refers to the number of nuclear weapons a country is equipped with, the proof of nuclear activity from the past is awe-inspiring, that’s why this story is being reported.


Based on research on the internet Based on internet research, we attempt to convey the truth that came out of a deep study on this topic. Ancient Harappan Nuclear War. Are Nuclear War the reason behind the demise of civilizations such as Harappa as well as Mohenjo Daro? Answer this question with solid arguments .

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