An Introduction of Different Types of CCIE Certificates

As an expert level certification in Cisco certification system, CCIE certification is divided into many different directions. The exam contents of different directions are not the same, and you will naturally obtain the CCIE certificate of the selected direction. For example, if you pass the CCIE security certification exam, you will get CCIE security certificate. The previous CCIE certification directions include routing and switching, collaboration, i.e. voice direction, data center direction, security direction, service provider direction, wireless direction, network design direction, etc. But it is worth noting that Cisco upgraded the directions in the latest revision:

The original routing and switching direction has been changed to the enterprise direction, including all contents of routing and switching and all wireless contents that need to be used in the enterprise. The existing routing and switching direction is automatically upgraded to enterprise infrastructure direction after the new certification is launched. In addition, the network design direction is changed to DEVNET direction.

Detailed explanation of CCIE certificate classification

Among many kinds of CCIE certificates, there are several popular directions with strong practicability:

  1. CCIE data center certification

It mainly examines the candidates’ expert skills in planning, preparing, running, monitoring and troubleshooting the complex Cisco Data Center network. Professionals certified by CCIE data center certification can prove that they have the highest level of technical skills.

  1. CCIE security certification

Passing CCIE Security certification can prove that you have professional skills to deploy, maintain and support Cisco network security solutions. Candidates need to have an in-depth understanding of the key points of both the written exam and experimental exam. It is recommended that people with 3-5 years of working experience in the field of network security take this exam.

  1. CCIE wireless certification

This certification evaluates and validates candidates’ wireless expertise. Candidates who pass CCIE wireless certification exam master extensive theoretical knowledge of wireless network and have a solid understanding of Cisco’s WLAN technology, the market leader of WLAN technology.

  1. CCIE collaboration certification

This is a certification designed for collaboration architects, unified communications architects, or voice and video network administrators whose job responsibilities are to design, implement, and troubleshoot complex collaboration solutions. This certification is an expert level certification to ensure that candidates can gain knowledge and experience in the fields of collaborative solution integration and interaction, as well as configuration and troubleshooting of complex networks. You will learn the foundation knowledge of workplace collaborative solutions involving video, mobile and telepresence.

Of course, each kind of CCIE certification direction has its own value. There is no absolutely useless CCIE certificate. It depends more on your own field and work needs. It is suggested that you should choose the direction suitable for you rather than follow the trend.

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