An All-in-One Guide to Passing Cisco 300-435 Exam: Training Courses, Practice Tests, and More

If you are somebody who is passionate about obtaining professional skills in implementing enterprise automated solutions, you should consider taking the Cisco CCNA. Acing this test with flying colors is highly manageable ― especially if you incorporate the right study techniques and make use of relevant preparation resources. So, to make your exam journey as efficient as possible, try to follow through with the tips below.

  1. Capitalize on the official exam blueprint

The first thing that you need to do to start your preparation for the 300-435 test is to visit the official exam webpage. You will find an exam blueprint in 300-420 there that can serve as an introduction to the areas mainly covered in the assessment. It’s very important to commence your training with this file and be sure to keep an eye on the key topics throughout the study period.

  • Take advantage of a training course

Training courses are some of the most beneficial preparation tools. For the Cisco 300-435 exam, Cisco specifically designed a course that teaches you the imperative ways in implementing Cisco enterprise automated solutions. The content of the course revolves around programming concepts, automation tools, telemetry, APIs, and relevant workflows, among the rest. It also expounds on the importance of 300-425 Center for internet-based networks and IOS XE software for device-centric. On top of that, it covers Cisco Meraki and Cisco Software-Defined WAN.

The training course is delivered in three different formats: instructor-led in a classroom setup, instructor-led in a virtual environment, and E-learning. All options run for 3 days, so you just pick the method that fits your schedule.

  • Check out some study materials from YouTube.

YouTube is another significant platform that strengthens your comprehension of programming and automating solutions. There are several full master courses and even practice questions online for your reference. And the best thing when using these materials is that they are readily available without any fee! So, if you want to save money, this is definitely a great option.

  • Study resources directly from the Cisco DevNet site

It’s also recommended to maximize the available materials from Cisco DevNet, which is a platform for IT developers who want to write apps and develop integrations using Cisco products, platforms, and APIs. This site details the 200-901 program extensively so it’s easy for you to prepare for an exam. A section of the Cisco DevNet website is allocated for a study group that supports your DevNet journey. This virtual assembly is supervised by a subject matter expert in the field. Plus, it provides a collection of resources that can help you succeed in the Cisco 300-435 exam.

  • Go over different practice tests

Practice tests are pivotal resources that you should use for self-evaluation. The mock 300-430  contain questions similar to those that will be in the main assessment, so you can get used to the format of the questions and improve your time-management skills. Try to answer at least 3 practice tests to measure your progress and preparedness for the actual exam.


Your success in the 300-435 is more than possible provided the right study routine is established. With the appropriate study materials, training courses, and practice tests, you are one step closer to clinching this test. So, give your best shot when studying for the certification exam and stay committed to your goal.

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