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Amanda? Who’s Amanda? What happened to her? If you’re looking for the reason for death of Amanda Aldridge, then you might want to read the full article. Amanda was an opera singer, composer , and teacher. She died on the 9th of March, 1956 following a short illness. A lot of people from countries such as those of the United States and the United Kingdom want to be aware of Amanda Aldridge and how she passed away.

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What is the reason why Amanda Aldridge trending?

On the 17th of June in 2022 Google Doodles celebrated Amanda Aldridge. After viewing Amanda’s photo on Google Doodle, a lot of people were intrigued by her. Many people around the world are looking for the story of Amanda Aldridge. There are many queries regarding Amanda’s death.

On the 17th of June, 1911, she was the piano recital venue that was pre-war director, a modest queens hall, as well as the home of the BBC Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras London. That’s why Google has honored her today with a Google Doodle. Here are all the information about Amanda and the reason for her death.

Amanda Aldridge Nationality

Amanda Aldridge was an Afro- British musician and a singer. She was known as Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge. Amanda was also known as her alternative name, Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge. Amanda died on the 9th of March in 1956. The cause of her death was a short illness. The details of the cause of death is disclosed.

She passed away aged 89, in London. Amanda studied voice with George Henschel and RJenny Lind at the Royal College of Music. She also studied harmony and counterpoint alongside Francis Edward Gladstone and Frederick Bridge. Following her graduation, Amanda used to work as vocalist, concert singer, teacher , and piano as an accompanist.

Who is Amanda Aldridge?

Amanda Aldridge was a teacher as well as a composer and singer. She released more than thirty songs as well as a variety of musical tracks with the pseudonym Montague Ring. Amanda is the child of Ira Aldridge (her father) and Amanda von Brandt (her mother). She was the third daughter of her mother’s family. Amanda was the younger sister of her older siblings, Luranah Aldridge, and Rachael Aldridge.

The day she turned 90 her death was because of a minor illness. There aren’t many details about her death. She was ill and passed away. According to our research on Amanda Aldridge instrument Amanda’s throat was injured by laryngitis. Amanda was renowned for her vocal compositions for piano, as well as many voices.


The article is now complete. We’ve included all the essential details about Amanda’s passing. Amanda was a well-known music composer and performer. She passed away following a short illness. We couldn’t find any information about her death. She was 89 at the time she passed away. We will keep you updated with more details. Keep in touch with us. Click here to find out what she is all about..

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