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Alpo Martinez was a 55 year old American street pharmacist who was a prominent figure in the 1980s. He had expanded his drug management network beyond New York to different urban regions such as Washington, D. C. Martinez went through 35 years in prison on charges with 14 counts of murder. Alpo Martinez total assets at the time of his death is estimated at around $1 million.

Alpo Martinez was shot and died on Sunday, October 31, in New York City. The media reports stated that the victim was shot several times by an aggressor who was in the moving vehicle.

Full Name: Alberto Geddis Martinez

  • Birth Date: June 8, 1966
  • Birthplace: East Harlem, New York, U. S.
  • Profession: Drug Dealer
  • Relationship Status: N/A
  • Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Death: October 31, Death: October 31,

Early LIFE

Alpo Martinez was conceived Alberto Geddis Martinez on the 8th of June 1996 in East Harlem, New York, United States. His parents were one parent and a single cousins. To review his education his studies, he enrolled at the Roman Catholic School.

At that time he was enrolled the basics of Automotive Mechanical High School for some time before he joined Julia Richmond High School. As it happens the fact that he did not continue his education further, as the school closed at the end of the second year of his senior.


Alpo at the young age of 13, began selling drugs at the age of 13 began selling drugs East Harlem. He expanded his medication management circle after meeting Azie Faison, the West Side Harlem street pharmacist, Azie Faison. As he grew closer to street pharmacists from the chain who were among the most famous street pharmacy workers in East Harlem. Alpo was later able to extend his duties to Washington, D. C. At that time the time, he became involved with the city’s underground world, and continued to participate with his medical exercises.

While he continued to make forward in the world of the shadows in the dark, he was able to gather a well-known drug dealer, Silk Perry, who was then employed as his personal gunman and guardian. In July of 1990 when he was arrested, he was charged with federal drug charges along with two others. The arraignment, however, was later dismissed after he disappeared before the court date in November of 1991.

Alpo was arrested by police in Washington, D. C. in November 1991, for selling illegal drugs. He was arrested under a charge of co-operation to commit murder 14 counts of homicide and various other drug-related charges. Martinez was also implicated in the murder of street pharmacists Michael Anthony Salters and Demencio Benson. He was later convicted and was later convicted against others from his group to stay clear of the possibility of being sentenced to death and life detention with no chance of parole.

In the end, a ruling was taken against his conduct which led to his sentence of 35 years of prison. After spending 35 years in the WITSEC FCI jail and being released in the year 2015. According to accounts, he had been hoping to meet another person in the federal witness insurance plan.


The status of Alpo Martinez’s relationship was a mystery. It is true as per the sources the report, he was a married man. His partner was often sat close to him when being nabbed. The father also had a child known as Randy Harvey, who is a rapper who performs under the stage name named Popperazzi.

Martinez was brutally shot on the 31st of October by an attacker who was in an automobile that was moving. According to NYPD officials the victim was shot on the left side of his chest along the jawline Three projectiles were hurled through the left arm of his victim. Following his shooting on W. 150th St several times the red Dodge Ram collided with the rear of a different vehicle. The investigation is still continuing to determine the motives during the shooting. However authorities haven’t identified any suspects as of yet.

Alpo Martinez Net Worth

Alpo Martinez had procured a total of assets in the range of $1 million before he died on the 31st of October 2021. The majority of his income was from his medication management exercises. in 2002, the documentary known as Pain in Full was delivered that was based on the efforts by the deceased street pharmacist Alpo Martinez.

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