Alex Cox Vallow Lori How Did Tammy Daybeel Die?

The article that follows is on Alex Cox and Vallow as well as other incidents that took place in connection with them. Learn more about this topic.

Do you want to learn more the story of Alex Cox? Are you curious to learn more the story of Lori Vallow? If yes, then read this article until the very end. The people from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States eagerly await the documentary’s release on Netflix.

It is recommended to read this article carefully if you are also interested in finding out more the details about Alex Cox and Vallow.

About the Documentary on Lori Vallow

Sins of Our Mother is the name of a documentary that is inspired by a true story, which will air on Netflix. Skye Borgman has directed the documentary. He previously produced Abducted In Plain Sight and Girl in the Picture. The documentary titled Sins of Our Mother is about the case that involved Chad Guy Daybell and Lori Vallow who was her fifth husband. It’s about the couple that were accused of murdering one of the children Lori had. One of them is Tylee Ryan, who’s 16, and the other one has Joshua “JJ” Vallow, aged 7. Chad Guy Daybell was one of Lori Vallow Husbands who was also charged with murdering the wife of his Tamy Daybell aged 49. The three episodes in Sins of Mother are related to Lori’s sister Alex whom cooperated with police. Alex told police the shooter was Charles Vallow to protect his sister.

How Did Tammy Daybeel Die?

While the reason for the Tammy Daybell’s death Tammy Daybell was natural, her husband was accused of the murder of her. The autopsy revealed other results. Based on the findings that were gathered from the autopsy Tammy’s husband was been charged with murder. Thus, Tammy Daybell Cause of death is still in the shadow of doubt. Chad Daybell married Lori after five weeks of the demise of his spouse. Lori Vallow is also accused of murder in connection with her role in the plot to commit murder in the aftermath in the case of Charles Vallow.

Who Was Alex Cox?

The elder sister of Lori Vallow was Alex Cox. Alex has gained a lot of attention since he killed Lori’s husband Charles Vallow. Alex worked with the police, giving them the truth. He was not hiding any information from the police which made it easier for them to unravel all the mysteries surrounding the tale of Lory Vallow.

Lori Vallow Story

Alex is a key aspect of Lori’s story. He also admitted and confessed to police about the facts. The incident was never verified. Cox was also involved in an altercation with Lori’s husband before but it was not the first time.

There’s also the story of a smear campaign against Joseph Anthony Ryan in 2007. Ryan was the birth father to Tylee and adopted father of Lori’s son, Colby. Cox threatened to shoot Ryan and was later charged and then was sentenced for 90 days. Thus, the incident with Charles as well as Lori Vallow was not new for Alex.

Tyle was last seen one last time along with Alex before she disappeared in September, 2019. In the following months, Tylee was discovered at the residence that was owned by Chad Daybell. It was discovered through an investigation into Alex Cox’s cell phone that indicated that he was in the home of Daybell on the dates that Tylee JJ and JJ were observed together.


The tale about Alex Cox and Lori Vallow was discussed following Netflix announced the show’s broadcasting. Many are anxiously waiting to see the documentary. Many twists and turns and turns in Lori Vallow’s Lori Vallow Daybell story. For more information go to the website

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