Air95sports Reviews (Dec) Is It A Scam Or Legit Website?

One site offers shoes branded by Nike at a very low price. But is this store genuine? Air95sports reviews will help you find out.

Many online shoe sellers in America demand that branded shoes be sold at reasonable prices. However, it can sometimes prove difficult to find a legitimate store that sells branded footwear at an affordable price.

Today, we will reveal a website by Air95sports that sells the popular brand shoe collection at a very low price. How trustworthy is Air95sports’ service? It is best to check Air95sports Review, the site policy, specifications, etc.

Let’s get started with the checking.

What’s Air95sports?

This site allows you to shop for branded shoes at an affordable price that is accessible to everyone. This authority has broken down their entire collection by brands. Shoe lovers can find brands such as Jordon, Adidas, and Nike. Based on the model of the shoe, the brand’s catalogue is divided again. We found out that the portal also offers the opportunity to find the latest models of shoes with detailed price descriptions.

We checked again to determine Is HTML95sports Legit. While checking comments, we found that every shoe and Snicker has extensive descriptive content with a picture demo. A flash sale is also available for everyone, where buyers can receive 50-70% off every item. Let’s now review the terms and policy.


  • Website URL:
  • Located at: According to the official site declaration, the address of the site is 110-Ann Rd. Harrow-Essex.
  • Contactable Number: This number is not available for customer support.
  • Email Address: Anyone can clear their doubts via
  • Remarks: Some Air95sports Review consumers were found.
  • Transport Policy: Transportation takes between 5 and 9 working days. This date was calculated taking into account processing time and shipping times.
  • Transport Charges: We couldn’t find any information about transportation charges. It is available for the buyer to view at the time of payment.
  • Return Availability: Nothing has been revealed by the operator about its availability.
  • Refund Facility: This facility is not disclosed.
  • Cancellation Facility: This facility is not accessible.
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Exchange Availability: This policy does not provide any information.
  • Are Air95sports Legit? It is still unclear.


  • There is a huge selection of shoes from renowned brands in the shop.
  • The price of shoes is very reasonable.
  • Flash Sale is ongoing
  • Worldwide shipping is possible, even to the United States.


  • Very low trust-index point
  • The rebate rate is a joke and very fishy.
  • Only the reviews are available on the site.
  • Although there are many social media icons, they are not all legitimate.
  • Because there is no corporate address or building, the address is only partially legal.
  • Operator information is not available.
  • It is not recognized.

The legitimacy and operation of Air95sports.

The Air95sports Review can be used to quickly verify the authenticity.

  • Domain Establishment Date. It was established following the results on 21 November 2021. This means that it is less than one month old.
  • Legality of the Location: The address may not be entirely legal.
  • Operator Details: They conceal the identity of the site’s owner.
  • Trust-Index Point: The point is 1% based on the results of the premium tool.
  • Comments:
  • Information about Community Channel: There are icons, but it’s not working.
  • Broken Links: Yes, present.
  • Piracy Content: Yes, available. A little over 75 percent of the text has been classified as pirate content.
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Domain Name: It’s
  • Name of the Registrar: It is Namesilo LLC.

We are suspicious of the site because it is too new.

Air95sports Reviews:

We collected some comments from Air95sports about the product page. These reviews are very positive and have high ratings. We checked it and found that no comments had been posted on any other platforms. No reviews are even available on popular feedback platforms like TrustPilot.

The community channel icons that were placed at the bottom of the shop do not exist. These icons have been redirected from the shop to a page that is not relevant. Don’t be fooled by the price, instead, buy the branded shoes from the official website.

Final Verdict:

It seems legit considering the Air95sports Review. The lack of reviews online means that the reviews cannot be verified. Poor trust-index, links to untrusted community channels, plagiarism, and other issues are all factors that make this shop suspicious. This shop is suspicious. People can search for the right stores to shop at.

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